Modernized Jewelry Case

Hey there! I’m back today to share with you another how-to from our closet renovation. Today – the jewelry case.

Modernized Jewelry Case

This was one thing that we did not build ourselves in the space. You see it actually started out looking like this.

Jewelry Case Before

My kids gave this to me for mother’s day several years ago, and honestly I love it. There is space for all my things, and it really helps me keep everything organized which I love.

Jewelry Case Before Open

I knew I wanted to keep it, but I also knew it would not work in its current state. The hinges on the sides caused the piece to be a space hoarder. So, I decided to re-work it and modernize it a bit to better fit my closet design.

Taking apart the jewelry case for the update

I first started by removing the sides by unscrewing the hinges. Then I removed the feet.

remove feet from bottom of case

After looking at the sides I decided to remove the decorative molding to make room for a cabinet pull.

molding detail removing molding molding removed

I shared on Instagram one of my favorite fast methods for prepping a piece for paint when I don’t want to sand – bleach wipes.

prepping for paint with bleach wipe

It takes enough of the finish off to keep it from being too slick. Doesn’t work as good as sanding or other chemical washes, but it works good enough when I’m not feeling patient, especially on pieces that are a little older and don’t have much shine left to them anyway.
Everything got a couple of coats of primer, and a couple of coats of paint (all the same as the closet and built-ins). The hardware also got a paint job to match the rest of the hardware in the closet.

jewelry case painted

When I ordered pulls for the dresser, I ordered a couple of extras to make my plan for the jewelry case work. I also ordered four drawer slides (two sets of two). (I have to be honest and say that in my haste I did not order the right size – they are about 1″ too long, but I just let them hang off the backside and they work just fine.)

jewelry case sides with new pulls

I flipped the sides over so that the inside was now the outside. This gave me a flat surface to attach the slides.

jewelry case sides attached with slides

I used one slide at the top and one at the bottom. I googled how to install these since they didn’t come with instructions. They were fairly simple to install – the only hard part was making sure everything was level so they work correctly.

drawer slides for the side panels

After reattaching both sides, the old hardware, and the new hardware, this was my finished product. Tucked into its special spot in the closet it looks and works great!
Modernized Jewelry Case The only part of the case I can no longer use is the very top. It had a hinged lid of sorts. But, I took care of that with an open piece on the shelf above that houses most of the things I kept in the top part.

jewelry storage and display in master closet

I’m happy I was able to incorporate this special piece into my design! Remember, just because something is old, doesn’t mean you have to throw it out when you re-design a space. If it is still serving a purpose then look at how you might be able to re work it to better fit your new design!

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