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Master Bedroom Ideas

Hey friends! Do you ever finish a room and then a couple of years later, realize it’s not actually done? Ya, I do that all the time. Rooms as well as homes evolve over time folks, so it’s ok. As I was looking back over our past one room challenge projects, I started thinking about our Master Bedroom. Which, was actually my first one room challenge. I loved this room when we ‘finished’ it. But, even then there were a few details that got left out. Either because of time, or because of budget. And, over time I have tired of some of the design.
master bedroom update
So, I am looking to make a few changes over time. Here are my thoughts. The wall. I love the accent wall, but i want to beef it up a bit. I’m thinking molding in some sort of pattern.
master bedroom navy and white
Art work. I loved the gallery wall of us, but I’m kind of tired of it and want something a little more casual and fun. Thinking of some cute quote art.
The headboard was a DIY and I love it, but it’s a bit bland too. I had thought about tufting it in the beginning, but time prevented that. Now, I’m thinking I’ll add some nailhead trim to it to dress it up a bit.
master bedroom pillows
We are often piling things up at the end of the bed…in the floor. I would love a bench of some sort. That will be a DIY project.
I am on the hunt for new bedding, and a few accessories to bring it all together. I created this mood board to show what’s in my head.  😉
master bedroom mood board at frazzled joy
We have some ideas for the master bath as well, part of that includes getting rid of this view from our bed. Yes, we have a hotel bathroom.
view of master bathroom from the master bedroom
Well, there you have it, a sneak peek into the brain of a designer. Scary isn’t it?? Ha!! Hopefully you’ll be seeing some of these projects on the blog soon!

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