Keep Your Shoe Shelves Looking Like New

Happy Thursday friends! I’m here to share a quick tip with you today! Do you have shoe shelves in your closet like we do? Are they painted white like ours? We love them, but even from the start I knew I wanted to protect that painted white finish. I found an easy, inexpensive, and effective way to do that! Remember the shoe shelves from our closet makeover?? Oh how I love them so!!
Adjustable shoe shelf DIY

How Do You Protect Your Shoe Shelves From Wear And Tear?

The answer might actually surprise you! It’s something that is almost undetectable.

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adjustable shoe shelf
It’s so easy to do!
shoe shelf
And it’s inexpensive!
white shoe shelves
If you guessed clear contact paper then you are the winner!! (sorry no prize except for the joy of being right 😉 )
use clear contact paper to protect shelves
What?!? Ya, I know we’ve all heard of using contact paper in the kitchen, and maybe even in the bathroom, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it in a closet. But, you know what? It does the job! I was concerned that the constant in and out of the shoes might eventually scratch the paint and the shelves would no longer be pretty. But, I didn’t want to lose the white shelves. CLEAR contact paper to the rescue! I simply cut the clear contact paper to size and attached it to each and every shelf per the product directions. Easy peasy friends!
Not only is it easy to clean, there is very little chance for damaging the shelves!! Win, win!! Maybe, this is not a revolutionary idea. If you’ve used this method before I would love to know!
How do you protect your shoe shelves from wear and tear?
Thanks for stopping by friends! We are headed to another track meet later today! I’m really hoping the wind dies down a bit or I will be spending a lot of time sitting in the car. I am still getting over the cold I caught from last week’s wind! I really dislike the wind. But then, Oklahoma…what are ya gonna do…you know the song. 😕

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  1. A great idea! I have been working on making over our mudroom with some shoe storage and I’ll definitely do this! Thanks for the idea Denise!

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