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Life Lately and a Reset

Hey there friends!! {tap, tap} is this thing on??? I totally didn’t intend on taking time off, but I did. And it was good. Sometimes we don’t know we need a reset until we take one. And this is what happened to me last week. I’ve told you how busy things have been around here on the home front – things have not slowed down yet. And, then I decided to open an Etsy shop. That in and of itself consumed my time for a couple of months. And while I know it was the right thing to do – mostly because I was tired of talking about it and thinking about it – pushing “open shop” and telling everyone about it was extremely stressful and nerve wracking for this little introvert. So, I decided to go visit my mom for a couple of days, because, again I have been telling her for a while that I would!
mom and I at the Lodge on the Drummond Ranch where Pioneer Woman films
My mom and I are very close. I am an only child, and we lived in a neighborhood where there really weren’t other kids, so she was my playmate for many years. I love spending time with her, but honestly my busy life doesn’t always leave room for that unless she comes here. But, this time I decided to go there. I even spent the night. And, in thinking about that, I realized that in 23 years I have never spent the night away from home without my family, or my husband, unless it was for work….wow.
So, about not knowing I needed a reset. I drove two hours to visit my mom, we chatted, we dug through her fabric stash, we ate, and then I slept. And boy did I sleep. I usually struggle sleeping away from home. But, my mind and body must have known that I was away and I was free because I slept for 10 whole hours. What??? Ya, this is how I knew I needed that reset.
Sometimes we get so busy doing all the things that we forget to take care of ourselves. I was trying. Trying to get in a little bit of exercise, trying to eat better, trying to get enough sleep. But, seriously, every time I thought I was doing good, something would come up that would knock me back down again. I’m so happy for the time away with my mom. Thanks for taking care of me mom, for letting me sleep, and for taking me to Pawhuska!! (a fun trip I’ll share with you soon)
Of course this week knocked me back down again!! 🙄 Ha! We had a three day weekend that was full of all the things and very little time at home. Friday we did some grocery shopping, shoe shopping for a kiddo, picked up said kiddo’s half-marathon race packet, took other kiddo to the pull-a-part to get a couple of parts for his truck (he will be driving all to soon 🙁 ). Made it home just in time to watch other kiddo play baseball on live-stream, and then started storm watching (which led to less than desirable sleep conditions). Saturday, despite all the storms the night before, we headed out for a soccer game an hour and a half away. They played in the mud while we froze on the sideline (40 degrees with a nice strong wind, and a little drizzle every now and then…awesome).
watching soccer in the cold
Finally made it home in time for a little more live-stream baseball, carb loaded the runner (and the rest of us), and then turned in early. Sunday morning came early, and by early I mean 4AM. Friends I hardly ever see 4AM with my eyes open. I hope my kiddo appreciates how much I love him. Again with the cold and drizzly rain!! Not great conditions for running, and not great for spectating.
first half marathon in the books
But, man am I proud of this kid. He is fearless when it comes to trying new things, and he works so hard! He’s 14 and run his first half-marathon in 1:51:06! We don’t have any runners in our family so this is all new and exciting for us. There really is nothing I love more than watching my kiddos all make their own way! They are all so different and unique! God created them with a purpose, and I love being able to encourage them to figure that out. What a privilege!
We rested a little bit on Sunday after the race, and finished up the evening with church and leftovers for dinner, AND another early bedtime. And then, Monday came and it was MAY! What??? Where did April go?? My girlie will be home for the summer in a couple of weeks, and I need to her room back together for her. The little boys have a little over three weeks of school left, and my big boy will be home in about four weeks, for about a week, before he heads to California for his summer internship. Whew! May is shaping up to be just as crazy as March and April!!
I’ll be back with a review of April later this week. I’m not sure when I will get back to a regular schedule, but I hope you will hang in here with me while I fit things in between being a mama. Love ya’ll!!


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