Frazzled JOY Design ETSY Shop Now Open!

Yep, you read that right! I’ve opened my own Etsy shop!! I’m over the moon excited and incredibly terrified all at once. But here it is!!
frazzled JOY desing Etsy shop
As a creative person it is scary putting your stuff out there. It’s like baring your soul. You want for people to get it, to get you. You want people to like it. Heck, you just want people to actually see it!! (where the internet is concerned at least). I remember feeling the same way when I started this blog almost 5 years ago. I still feel that way with some of my more personal post. But, I’m rambling! Less about me and more about the shop!!
I have been sewing since I was nine years old, and fabric really is my fabric medium of design. I have had several craft booths over the years, so when Etsy first came on the scene I was intrigued. I have been considering this for a while. I even mentioned it a couple of times in my goal setting posts. But, I knew that the only way it was going to happen is if I just started making things. I did that last year, and then stopped because well, senior daughter=proms, graduation, moving to college, etc.
I’ve learned a lot about goal setting over the last year. So, when the new year rolled around, I put a date to my Etsy shop goal. I missed that date by a couple of months, but it helped a lot to have some boundaries. And this quote I saw on Instagram yesterday (posted by Ruth of Elite Blog Academyposted by Ruth of Elite Blog Academy) really is so true.

Talking gets you nowhere.
frazzled JOY design Etsy shop inventory
Here is a glance at some of the current content of the store. Please do me a favor and go check it out –! And feel free to pass it on if you know a friend who might be interested! Pillow covers (some shown with inserts but not sold with inserts), table runner, ruffled aprons, and zippered pouches are currently available.
Frazzled JOY design Etsy shop
If you don’t see something you like, be sure to check back as I will be adding to the inventory continually! My brain is so full of ideas to try!! I am keeping a running list! I am working on some more things that would be great Mother’s Day gifts and some summer stuff! I will not be doing custom orders at this time.
Thanks again for being awesome and following along here. Hubby and I are nailing down a couple of new home projects today. So I plan to be back to project blogging soon! I appreciate you sticking around when things are a little quieter. Like anyone else I always have about 20 things going on at once, and sometimes one or two of those things just have to be put on the back burner.
Have a great weekend friends!!


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