Kitchens – The Heart of the Home

We all know that food brings people together. So, it’s natural for guests to congregate in the kitchen!

For 11 years or so, I put up with our kitchen.  I did little things here and there to make it more efficient and functional for our family.  All the while dreaming of something better.  

But, this was another space that was an all or nothing space.  I wanted to take down walls, moved appliances, and add a pantry.  If I couldn’t do that then I didn’t want to do anything.  I would just wait. 

Wait for what??

To win the lottery??

So, finally one day in December, I took out a bucket of primer and a brush and took the first stroke.

The most terrifying thing – DIY wise – that I had ever done.  Of course, once that first stroke had happened, there was no turning back.  

Not only did I not stop, I never looked back, and I don’t regret a thing.  Except for the fact that I waited so long!!

We went on vacation this summer for the first time after the kitchen was completed and it was the first time that I actually smiled when I walked into the house, into my kitchen.  Strange huh?  

Sometimes you need a little form to make a space function.  If you don’t like being in there then how are you ever going to want to do anything in there??  

My mood is so much different in my kitchen now!!

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