A Functional Kitchen is a Must

We talked yesterday about how people love to gather in the kitchen.  I also mentioned that it’s good if you enjoy being in your kitchen. Functionality of the space has a lot to do with that!  If you can never find what you need, or if you are constantly going in circles trying to get anything done, then your kitchen might need a little overhaul.

After 13 years of living in this home, the kitchen is as functional as I can get it for now.  I have moved, tweaked, stored, and arranged things in lots of different ways over those years, and I’m sure even though I say it’s good – something will change in the next year or two!!

Life is constantly changing.  Schedules, routines, the ebb and flow.  So changes in our home are inevitable.  I am not a morning person so I do everything I can to make my morning run smoothly.  Coffee is a requirement.  Making the coffee is something I wish I could wiggle my nose and make happen.  But, I do find that having everything in arms reach in this coffee station makes it a little easier. (maybe you can tell, some of these pics are pre-kitchen-update :))

I loathe making lunches for my kids, but I hate wasting money on school lunches even more. These lunch bins I started a few years back, make morning lunch making less work.

We do not have a pantry.  Probably my largest complaint about this kitchen.  So, storing baking supplies can be a little tricky.  I changed to this system a while back and I love it!! 

Keeping things corralled on the counters in trays or baskets makes for less mess and easy clean-up.

Schedules are crazy around here, and keeping up with it all is a challenge.  And, so is meal planning.  I make both of these as simple as I can.

Oddly, this is one area of the house that I am constantly purging and paring down.  New things come in and old things must go out.  I have limited storage for cooking supplies and dishes so it is a have to thing more than a want to thing.
Smaller space + more things = chaos.  And chaos doesn’t work for me!!

How do you keep your kitchen functioning for you?? 

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