Frazzled Friday – 17 Again??

Happy Friday friends!! Today is a special day at our home!! Our middle son is having a birthday! Caleb is 17 today! Seventeen??? How is that even possible?!? With every passing year I’m reminded how long ago this was…
Caleb as a toddler
Of course, that’s not what he looks like today, but I just couldn’t help the cuteness! This kid…there are so many things to say about him! He’s our only blondie that stayed blonde-ish. He has the sweetest smile, and eyes that are deep. He was my only c-section baby (because he had a party in mama’s tummy a few days before 🙄 ). He’s our thinker. So quiet, but you can tell he’s just taking it all in, and then evaluating it all in his head. But, then, he’s also our most social kiddo. He’s so comfortable around people, and he is a friend to all. So good at conversation and making people feel comfortable.
Caleb in grade school
He and his little brother were labeled “the little boys” years ago and it has just stuck! That will be forever how I refer to them…even though they both tower over me now. Haha!
Caleb and Gavin in Band with mom
So, when I start researching colleges with him, scheduling a couple of visits, signing up for ACTs and such, I feel a little shook. It just doesn’t seem right friends! How can this be? Now, granted, he’s just a junior. I know I have a whole almost two more years with him. But friends, I’ve been down this road before…twice, and I know the truth. It will be over in a blink and we will be moving him into his dorm.  🙁 That is why I don’t really enjoy being the mom of a 17 year old again, and why this made the “Frazzled Friday” round-up. It just feels so close to “the end” (even though we all know there’s never an end).
Caleb drumming
But, for now, I refuse to think about that, because, well…two years ya know. I prefer to soak up all the wonderful times in between. The moments when it’s just he and I chatting about life (nothing deep most of the time, just the latest happenings at school and such) are my absolute favorite and I cherish every second. They get farther and fewer between as the days go by, so I don’t want to take them for granted. I will focus on the joy of each and every moment that we have together, because there is a lot of joy!!
Caleb toddler
I’m so proud of him, and I’m so excited to see where God will take him! No matter how hard it is on my mama heart to watch them spread their wings, it’s equally rewarding. I want nothing more than for my kids to follow where God leads, even if that leads them away from me.
Caleb first day of school Junior year
Today we celebrate this kid! Happy birthday Caleb! Praying 17 is the best year yet!!


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