Easy Inexpensive Ornament Storage

If you are looking for an easy, inexpensive way to store your ornaments, I have it!!  One of my hubbies favorite things every Christmas season is buying himself a tin of popcorn to snack on.  🙂 One year, many moons ago, I got a wild notion that these would be perfect containers for our ornaments.  And, every since then that’s exactly what we have used.  It works out perfectly since every year I seem to add a few ornaments, and every year he purchases a new tin!!  I like that they are small, so I don’t tend to cram them full, and things don’t seem to shift around much in there.

My method is simple and basic, using only the tins and plastic shopping bags.

Storing ornaments in old popcorn tins
I start by lining the bottom of the tin with a bag, and then I start layering.  For the ornaments that aren’t breakable I simple lay them in the tin separating each layer with a plastic bag.  
Inexpensive ornament storage using old popcorn tins
Storing ornaments in old popcorn tins
For the ornaments that are more fragile, they get wrapped.  I use the plastic shopping bags for these as well.  
Use plastic bags to wrap more fragile ornaments
Storing ornaments in old popcorn tins
And again, layered, gently on top of each other.  As I said, I have been doing this for years with no casualties!!  Easy and inexpensive, especially if you have someone in your family who likes popcorn!!  🙂

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