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Craft Room + Home Office Reveal!!

It’s finally time to share the completed craft room + home office!!! I’m so excited to have a space just for me that I can use to work and create! Before we get to the reveal, let me remind you of where we started.
Craft Room Home Office Before
And the plan. Check out this post for more info on my inspiration.
Craft Room Home Office Inspiration
I wanted a soft peaceful space, and that’s exactly what I got! Ok, and no more stalling!! Here is the finished product!! (I’ll list all the sources at the bottom of this post.)
Modern Farmhouse Craft Room + Home Office
AAAHHHH!! It’s all I hoped for and more!!
Modern Farmhouse Craft Room + Home Office
You might notice that I opted not to get a rug. Honestly because I didn’t want to spend the money.
Modern Farmhouse Craft Room + Home Office
I wanted to spend the budget on practical things like storage and organization rather than the things that were just pretty.
Modern Farmhouse Craft Room + Home Office
My one splurge really was the pink chair. And, even then I got a bargain because I found it at HomeGoods for $100. Every other pink cushy office chair I looked at was at least $150 and most were more. But, I love my chair and it’s super comfy!!
Modern Farmhouse Craft Room + Home Office
Most of the furniture we already owned. It just got a paint job! Like this cutey pink dresser!
Modern Farmhouse Craft Room + Home Office
The table/desk is a solid farm table that we’ve had since we were first married. Again, a little sanding, a little paint, a little stain, and it’s like new!
Modern Farmhouse Craft Room + Home Office
The bookshelves provide a ton of storage and they are perfect in here!
Modern Farmhouse Craft Room + Home Office
Modern Farmhouse Craft Room + Home Office
I also love the 10 drawer paper storage for all my scrapbook paper. Way more organized than before! The little dresser holds all of my cricut supplies. And, those prints above were a gift from my Mother-n-law that I updated a little bit. 🙂
Modern Farmhouse Craft Room + Home Office
It might be hard to see all of the organization that is packed into this one little room, but I promise it’s there and it’s amazing!! Organizing doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You just have to be intentional about what you use. It has to work for what you’re organizing, and more importantly, it has to work for you!
All of this works for me and I can’t wait to start crafting and creating in here. It’s also nice to have a spot to write away from the family. Less distractions. 🙂

Some affiliate links used for your convenience. See disclosures for more details.

Here are the sources for things that I purchased 🙂
10 Drawer paper storage cart
Similar Chair (sorry the HomeGoods version is sold out)
Ikea cart
Clock (similar – bought mine in store and couldn’t find it online)
Task lamp
Wall color – Universal Gray
Everything else I already owned or DIYed. Here is the tutorial for the tiered tray on the desk. Here’s the original DIY for the ribbon idea board behind my desk. I just updated it to match the new office, but the technique was exactly the same.
Thanks so much for those of you that have been following along here and on Instagram during this process, and for being excited with me! 🙂



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