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Hey there friends! I’ve been sharing lately on Instagram of the #greatroomswapof2019 that’s been happening here at our house. As soon as our older kids started moving on to college and beyond the younger kids were always vieing for the larger room. Out of the three bedrooms, one is in the corner and quite a big bigger than the other two. So, as always, when our daughter moved out, our middle son was asking to switch rooms. This always means painting, moving furniture, taking stuff off the wall, putting stuff on the wall, etc. This time also included making my youngest son go through his hoard stuff. And, yes, since middle son was moving, youngest son decided he would move too, so more of all of the same. But….the best part of it all was I realized we would actually have an empty bedroom. I thought about (for about a second) making it into an official guest room, but then I decided to make it all mine. That’s right, a dedicated craft room + home office! I’m so excited!! Here is what we are starting with.
Craft room before
It’s not a huge room, but it will be perfect for what I have in mind. I’m planning on painting the walls, and I was really struggling with whether to just go with white (like the majority of the rest of the house), or a color. I posted a poll on my insta stories between universal grey (a light grey) that I used in the entryway stencil, and the interior doors, or sea salt (a very pale blueish green) that I used in our kids bathroom. The vote was 70/30 in favor of the sea salt, and while I agree it is a beautiful color, I think I’m going with the grey. Because I found this.
craft room inspiration
Isn’t it gorgeous?? Sometimes when I see a picture it evokes actually feelings, and this one did just that. I feel so relaxed, and calm when I look at it. I feel like this is a space I could create and work in all day. So, this is my inspiration for the room. From that I created this mood board.
Craft room mood board
What do you think? I love the idea of a rug on top of the carpet just to bring in a little life. I have an old butcher block table – you know one of those that you could get cheap 25 years ago, the one everyone had when they were newly married. It’s been sitting in our garage for several years now. It’s so solid and well-made I just couldn’t get rid of it. It needs some love, but I’m thinking of bringing it in here. It would be nice to have a large surface to craft on.
I have a desk chair I could move in here, but it is not on wheels, and I kind of think that would be great to be able to move around a bit easier. (I found this online at TJMaxx and it is all the things and reasonably priced so it might actually show up in the room!) I have a dresser that I will be painting. Dressers are always good for hidden storage. And, there are a couple of other pieces that I am deciding between. We will have to see what furniture actually makes the cut for the room.
Task lighting and some plants will help make it more cozy. And, as I begin to bring all the things (that are spread out all over the house) into the room I will be able to get a better idea of what exactly I need for storage and organization. I am absolutely giddy to have everything together and organized and accessible, and to not have to move piles to get to this or that!! I’m excited to get started and I can’t wait to take you along!


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