Welcome back friends!  I hope you had some fun this weekend going through stuff and throwing out donating stuff you didn’t need!  
We are just about half way through our series, so I thought it would be good to start talking about areas in our home that we need to make work.
Today is closets!
Closets work hard in every home.  Whether you have only a couple, or several.  Whether they are small or large.  We need them to do a job.
The one thing that is helpful to realize is that they can do whatever job you need them to do. Just because a closet a located in entry, that doesn’t mean the only thing it can hold is coats.
A hall closet can hold more than blankets and pillows.
We all have things that are better stored out of sight, and closets are a great place for those things.  
We have seven closets in our home.  Four of those are in bedrooms, and one of them are actually built-in cabinets – but they are floor to ceiling, so I think it counts.
The three that are not in the bedrooms have evolved over the years in their usage.  The one in the entry holds coats but also office stuff.  
The hall closet is my craft closet.  
The linen cabinet/closet holds linens (although this one needs some organizing).  These uses work for us and that’s what matters!! Remember that :).
If you are looking for storage ideas or organization ideas for closets, again Pinterest is a great source.  I have a board for closet organization that is basically bedroom closets, but you can find what you are looking for – just search the type of organization you need – whether it be office, craft, linen, or just clothes. 🙂
The two spaces that haven’t really been that functional lately are our master closet
and the linen cabinet/closet. 
I’ll be back tomorrow to share with you some simple and inexpensive things I did to make these two spaces a little more functional for us!! 
Thanks for hanging in there this month – I hope you have been inspired!!
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