Monday Morning

Monday morning. Ugh right? Every Friday we’re all “TGIF” WOOHOO TO THE WEEKEND!” And then Monday comes around and we’re all “ugh”. So ya there’s that. And, by the way, what happened to September?? How is it already October?? 🙄

This Monday is no different. Fall has seriously been uber busy around here! Somehow we have allowed our younger two boys to be way more active in extra stuff then we ever did with our older two. Ya, they had their things, but just not as many. These boys literally don’t have a free evening, except for Saturdays most of the time. But then we usually have a game or a band thing sometime during that day. So, never a full free day ever. Which makes me kind of sad. These poor adolescent boys are ex.hau.sted people. My middle kiddo was so tired that he couldn’t even think to decide what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday… How did we get here?? I have been letting them skip things lately that aren’t required. (But, they love all of their things, so they don’t usually want to skip.) I have so been there. All the things are good. How do we eliminate a good thing??


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Weekend Recap & Ramblings

Hello there! I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend! As I shared before, hubby and I celebrated 22 years this weekend. It was a great weekend! We opted to stay home and chill rather than getting out of town. Since our younger three left for a church trip on Saturday we really only had to deal with the 20year old, and he’s hardly home anyway! Saturday we spent some time exploring a flea market, eating yummy bbq for lunch, napping (which I never do, but apparently really needed), followed by some yummy Mexican food on the lake, and watching the sunset. And we got to witness a cute proposal – bonus!


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So, It’s Summer…Thoughts On Thursday

So, it’s summer.  We have been on summer break for a week and a half now, and if you noticed I’ve been a little MIA on the blog. 

It’s summer and I’m not disappearing completely from blogging. But, things will definitely be slowing down a bit both at home and here on the blog. We are sleeping in, staying up late, watching WAY too much TV and doing a whole lot of nothing. So far this summer is off to a great start!! Ha!! Each year Nester reminds us that our summers with our kiddos are fleeing fast, read her words of wisdom here.

Hubby and I celebrated our 21st anniversary last week. Which was fabulous! I have been noticing lately how young all these newlyweds and new mommies look. And in my head I think “were we that young?” yes, yes we were. And…we’re not anymore. Although I feel only slightly different. 🙂

As we have entered a new phase of sending our babies out into the world, I am beginning to look towards what mine and hubby’s future might look like in a mere 6 years when we are empty nester’s. Woah! What?!? 6 years will be gone in a flash!! 

After dinner and a movie we sat on a park bench and dreamed big for the future. It was such fun! We really haven’t done that in years! I think as we got caught up in the work everyday life we forgot how to dream. Such a shame! We came up with so much awesome stuff and now we are looking toward ways we can make some of those dreams happen! 🙂

So, my advice to all married couples – new and old – don’t forget to dream, keep dreaming, and dream big! God has big plans for you, no matter the age or stage of life. 

‘For I know the plans that I have for you’, declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.’ Jeremiah 29:11 (NASB) 

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Prioritizing The Problems

Ok, so how did you do with your evaluation?  Do you have a list of problem areas?  Ya, we did too. And it was a l.o.n.g. list.  You see, other than painting walls (some several times) we had done almost nothing to make this house our home. There was a lot of things that frustrated me over the years, but I just dealt with them thinking this was just temporary until we found ‘that house’. No more of that!!
The next step was to prioritize the list.  As much as we would have loved to have taken care of it all at once.  We didn’t have that kind of budget. So, we prioritized.  We decided to start with the area that irritated us the most – the entryway.


Step two:  Prioritize your list.  Decide what area needs the most attention.  
Now this can take some bargaining and compromising between you and your spouse.  I think that if you are married it is good to make these kind of decisions together.  It’s always helpful for us to bounce things off each other. Each person has their own response to a problem, or a room in this case, and it is good to take both into consideration.  Now when it comes to design…Ha!  
That’s all for today – prioritize your list of problem areas

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31 Days Series Launch

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September Happenings

Here we are, almost to the end of September. Where does the time go these days?? Although, I’m actually okay with it because it means I am one month closer to having my boy home for a few days from college.  I’m telling you, having him far away for college has been one of the hardest things I have had to do as a parent so far. But, he is loving it and doing well and that blesses my heart immensely!

September is always  a time for me to regroup from summer.  A time to get the house, and my family back on track and back into a healthy routine.  It’s a good time. So, I thought I would share with you a little peak into what’s been going on around him with our little family.

If you follow me on instagram you’ve seen some of these pics.

The temps have dipped down cooling enough here and there and I have happily taken advantage of that by pulling out the boots and sweaters!!

Cooler temps in the evenings also means more walks with my honey – precious quality time.

(I don’t know what’s with the feet pictures??)

Cooler temps also signals my craving for fall foods and snacks!  Candy corn is #1 in my book. And, a homemade apple pie just can’t be beat!

Especially when you use grandma’s pie plate ;).

I officially have another teenager in the house! Love him!!  Birthday’s call for yummy birthday lunches, complete with old-time vanilla shakes :).

We’ve been watching this kiddo run cross-country for the first time this year and rockin’ it!

Got to see this precious face thanks to the wonderful world of technology.  Things like this do make the distance a tad easier.

I am a perpetual piler.  I admit it.  So, sometimes I have to go through the piles…

Happiest of days was winning this amazing paint sprayer through an instagram contest held by 11 Magnolia Lane and Home Right.  It came in the mail this week and I have a long list of things waiting to be sprayed!!  

With the state of our world these days it seems hard to hold onto the joy.  I read this in my quiet time several days ago and it brought me such comfort.  I pray that we never forget that even though things may be unraveling all around us, God will hold us together if we will only hold onto Him.  

Praying you have a blessed weekend friends!! Thanks for joining me now and again in my frazzled mess of life!!

Fun things coming to the blog in the near future – stay tuned!

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