What I Have Learned After 20 Years of Marriage

Today I am spending the day with the love of my life, in one of my favorite places – the beach!! We are celebrating 20 years of marital bliss!! If you follow me on instagram, you know he surprised me with a trip to my happy place!  🙂 

Even as I typed the title of the post, I had to pause at that number.  How could 20 years possibly gone by??  It seems like we met yesterday, and even then I knew we would be here, together, now.  

What have I learned about marriage after 20 years?  I have learned that I still have so much to learn.  Monumental right?  

I have spent the last 20 years getting to know my hubby, and still I know that I can go deeper and I want to know more. How is that possible, you might say.  People have so many layers to who they are.  If can take a lifetime to peel back each layer.  As you peel you discover more and more.  In my experience I have discovered more and more that I love!!

Marriage is a journey, and at the end of this life we will have lots of stories to tell.

Is it hard work – sometimes, yes.

Is it worth it – every second.

Maybe you are at the beginning of your married journey, or maybe you have been walking together a long time.  Either way I say, keep the faith.  Hold hands often.  Look into each others eyes – into the soul.  Say “I love you”, and never stay angry.  

A sweet friend of mine shared her story and her grandparents story this last week, and I so enjoyed reading, and seeing, the sweetness of both.  Please go check them out – you will be encouraged for sure!!  

Now – back to the beach we go to soak in more sea-salt air. AAAhhh.

Yes, it’s our anniversary vacation and yes we are at a Starbuck’s so I could finish editing this post, since we have no wifi at our condo.  That’s how much my hubby loves me.  🙂  If you care to follow along on our fun in happy you can join me on instagram!!  See you in a few days bloggy buddies!!

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