Transition Is Just a Fancy Word For Change

Hey there friends! I just got back from a quick trip out to California to visit my son. I’m still trying to get back to reality and have been met with some super not so fun stuff (we had to have a guy come out to find a leak and fix it 🙁 ). Being in California with our oldest and his fiance, who made the trip with me, brought about all kinds of feels. So, please excuse me while I dump some of those on you today (I’ll throw in a few pics from my trip to make it pretty). Because, I find it therapeutic and maybe just maybe there is someone out there that is having some of the same feelings and will be encouraged to know that they are not alone!
transition is just a fancy word for change
Parenting is a wonderfully rewarding gig for sure. But, I’d be lying if I didn’t say it has it’s tough times. And ‘transitions’ are some of the toughest times of all. If you’ve been around here for anytime at all, then you’ve been through a few of these with me. ALL through their growing up years, things are changing. From the day they are born, they are learning, growing, changing, doing new things, and…needing you less.
It’s exciting and fun. It’s so thrilling to watch them grow and mature into the person God created them to be.
transition is just a fancy word for change
But, it’s also hard, and sad, and weird.
We want them to do all these things. We want them to learn how to walk, talk, take care of themselves, graduate high school, college, get a job, live on their own, fall in love, get married, have their own kids. But, we also have this innate need to be needed. Which is a complete contrast!! As they grow and learn to be independent (woohoo!) they need us less and less (boohoo).
This phenomena of ‘transition’ can sometimes leave us in a confused state of emotions. And, yes folks, this is just where this trip left me.
It was so awesome to see my son living on his own, taking care of all his own needs, and doing a great job at it. Yes, I know he’s been doing this for three years at college. But, living in a dorm on a meal plan isn’t quite the same thing. It was awesome watching he and his fiance explore the area together and talk about plans for their future.
transition is just a fancy word for change
But, at the same time, the reality that he really didn’t need me…for anything was shoved right in my face. And, I was reminded that in less than a year he will graduate college, get married, have a job, and move out on his own.
Let me make sure that you don’t misunderstand – I’m am SO super proud of him and excited for him and for all the things the Lord has blessed him with, and all the hard work he has put in. And, I know that he will do awesome!
I also know that so will I. I have three other kiddos who still need me (well, 2 1/2), and I know that my oldest isn’t leaving me forever. I will see him again. Haha!!  😆 So, I will not spend too much time being sad, but instead focus on the happy of all of it. He’s super confident, independent, and capable. He has a bright future ahead of him, and I can’t wait to watch it all unfold!!
Hopefully someone is encouraged! Whether your kiddo just took their first steps, or they just graduated high school, change is wonderful and weird. It’s normal to feel a little bit sad, but don’t miss the good, the great, by fixating on what’s past! Life is transition. Day to day things are always changing. I’m doing my best to embrace and enjoy every second!!
I am working on a how-to post on the upholstery from my 2×4 bench project! Thanks for all the positive feedback on that by the way! See ya back here soon!

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