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This post is a little random.  But, as I was doing this laborious, but somewhat rewarding. chore the other day I thought maybe this might be a useful post for someone out there so here ya go.  I have been doing a lot of this lately.
my boy playing baseball
As with any other spring over the past 13 years – sitting and watching my oldest play baseball.  (Thank goodness it is getting warmer!)
For all of his little league career my son was blessed to have grey pants as part of his uniform – fairly easy to clean – spray treat, throw it in, done.  Then comes high school….WHITE PANTS!!!  Seriously what crazy person ever thought white pants would be good for a baseball uniform (or football).  White + dirt = headaches.  And, if you are fortunate enough to live in those areas that are blessed with lovely red clay rather than dirt like we are – even better.

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Many of you mommas may be dealing with this, maybe for a long time, maybe you have your own tried and true method.  But, let me be honest and say, I was clueless and I did a lot of things wrong in the beginning.  And then one day I was chatting with some of the other moms, and one shared her secret.  A soap I had never heard of, but over the past couple of years I have seen it crop up everywhere, called Fels-Naptha, I buy mine at Walmart, but I have seen it at several other grocery stores – it is located in the laundry isle and the best part is it only cost around $1!! Or you can order it from Amazon here. Here is what I am dealing with about twice a week.

How to Remove Red Dirt From White Baseball Pants

red dirt on white baseball pants
red dirt and grass stains on white baseball pants
This is a pretty average representation.
So, let me tell you what I tried in the past that DIDN’T work.  All sorts of spray treatments; washing in hot, warm, cold – didn’t matter; oxygen cleaning products worked fairly well but not completely; bleach – DO NOT BLEACH white polyester – turns in yellow.  {Can you tell I learned that lesson the hard way?}
What I do now that does work?
I throw a bar (or a half of a bar, or a piece of a bar, whatever is left at the time) of Fels-Naptha soap in my sink, and then fill the sink with warm-hot water.  Then I put in the pants (jersey too sometimes :)).  I let it soak – no particular time, just however long I have or whenever I have time to get back to it.  I would say at least 30 minutes, but it’s never too long.
After they have soaked for a time, it’s time for the magic.  Not kidding, couldn’t believe my eyes the first time.  I had really resigned to the fact that his pants would never be white or even close to white again.  Take your bar of soap (which is quite squishy by this time) and rub over stained area; rub pants together in said area like you are washing by hand.  And then rinse – voila!!  Most of the stain is GONE!!  If it is a deep stain – ie. lots of dirt – you made have to repeat this process of couple of times, same goes for grass stains – may take a little more rubbing.  But in the end…
removing red dirt stains from white baseball pants
removing red dirt stains from white baseball pants
Then I DO NOT RINSE the pants.  I drain the water and somewhat squeeze out the pants – I say somewhat because they are dripping and heavy with water when I throw them in my washer.  Then I wash as usual.  {If there are grass stains that don’t come out with rubbing, then I spray treat.}  I have washed on cold, warm, and hot all with the same results.
How to remove red dirt stains from white baseball pants

Here is a before and after side by side so you can get a better idea.  Pardon the after shot, I was rushing to take this photo before they had to packed up for the next game.  Unbelievable huh?  Ya I’ve been doing it this way for 3 years and am still amazed EVERY time I take them out of the washer.  (This is not a sponsored post – I just really love this soap and it really does work.)


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  1. Great tips Denise! My Drew is only 2 years old but I can see me trying to find this post in a few years when we start rec sports with him. Hopped over from Titus Tuesdays!

  2. I just take the bar and rub it right on the pants and then throw them in the wash…if I ever have a stain that doesn't come out from that I'll have to try your method! And of course, never dry your pants 🙂

  3. “…ever thought white pants would be good for a baseball uniform” – I have the same concern as well before but I guess I don't have any choice but to get used to it. But just like you, I've tried lots of ways to remove the stain permanently and I always end up buying a new uniform. Good to hear that there's a solution now like this. I'm just curious if this can weaken the fabric or not? Because most of pre-treating stains soap that I used before made the fabric very thin and easily torn. / Linnie Dimmitt @ UniformsExpress.com

  4. I have had no problem with wear from the soap at all. Rubbing the stain out might make a tear a little worse, but the tears don't come from the soap – they come from sliding into base. My son loves to steal bases and I swear he doesn't think he has played a good game unless he comes home dirty :). Good luck!!

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