The Benefit of Organization

Maybe you were surprised to see “lack of organization” on my list of budget busters, and maybe not.  Many times for us, excess spending has resulted from an unorganized life.  

Some examples:

*unorganized pantry = buying three more cans of tomato sauce because you couldn’t find the five cans in your pantry.

*unorganized garage = buying another cable cord for the new TV because you had no idea you had ten in the garage.

*unorganized meal planning = eating out because you have “nothing for dinner”.

*unorganized bathroom = buying more toothpaste even though there are 3 tubes hiding somewhere in the bathroom.

*unorganized budget = missing paying a bill, or the worst – bouncing a check or two because you forgot to record something.

We have all been there, I’m sure.  You decided to FINALLY clean out and ‘organize’ a space in your house and you’re AMAZED at the amount of things you find that had been ‘missing’ forever, or the amount of stuff you have to throw away because it’s expired.  

Who would know what craft supplies I had?? – good grief!!
So, now maybe you can see why a little bit or organization can go a long way in saving you money. Remember though, organization has to function for your whole family.  Labels help sooo much with this – I talked to you about that here.  {once I forgot to label the new container that I got for the powdered sugar and my daughter mistook it for flour??? can we say chocolate cookie soup :)}  I have a large organization board on pinterest and follow two really great organizing blogs here and here, if you need some inspiration.

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