Mini Kitchen Update

    Sometimes in design and home decor, you don’t need to do a complete overhaul in a room to get a new look. Sometimes just changing one or two things will give you the fresh new look you’re craving. I have just the spot in our kitchen that I’ve been contemplating changing up for a while now. And, this last week, I finally did it. Here’s the before.

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    Updated DIY Drawer Organizers

    Hey there friends! I tell you I was a little slow getting going after Christmas! I’ve been watching everyone around me de-cluttering and organizing all the things and I’m just like “meh”. But, then I saw a picture posted in Jen Woodhouse’s instagram feed of this project and I was inspired!!
    Several years ago I built my own kitchen drawer organizers. They were fabulous and I loved them! Check out the how-to here in this post.
    DIY Drawer Dividers
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    Breakfast Nook Update – Storage!

    Hey there friends!! Even though our kitchen is a pretty decent size, the one thing we lack is a pantry. So,that means that our food has to be stored in cabinets in the kitchen. Not ideal, but it works. However, it does take away valuable storage for a lot of other things! For years I’ve considered the idea of adding some sort of storage in the corners of our breakfast “nook”, on either side of the large window. (I struggle with calling it a “nook” because it’s really a pretty big space, but it’s not a dining room, so what else do I call it?? haha) Here’s how it looked before at Valentine’s Day. πŸ™‚
    Breakfast nook before
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    Cozy Christmas Home Tour Part 2

    Excited to join up with another group of talented bloggers to share a few more cozy spots in our home all dressed up for Christmas! If this is your first time here, welcome! So glad to have you! Feel free to stay awhile and look around! If you missed Monday’s post where I shared our family room, you can go back and check that out here. I love to spread the Christmas cheer throughout the rest of our home as well, sprinkled in small doses here and there and that’s what I’m sharing today!! Let’s start in the kitchen.
    Christmas in the kitchen at frazzled JOY
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    Red & Tartan Plaid Christmas Tablescape

    If you’ve been around here for any amount of time you know how much I love to put together a tablescape!! I used to labor over them for hours. But, now that I’ve done several, they take me no time at all. The planning and idea process takes a while, sometimes more than a while if I can’t find any inspiration. But, once inspiration strikes and I gather all the things, it comes together in a flash. This time was no different!! I had a couple of different ideas swimming around but I LOVE the one I landed on because it just looks so darn cute! I am also joining my blogging friends again for a tablescape blog hop, so be sure to check out the links at the bottom of this post!!