Sheet Music Christmas Tree Craft

I’m so excited to say that after a 5 day weekend – 3 snow days people – my kids finally went back to school today, my house is picked-up and I feel a little more ready to face the day.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first few days of being snowed in and sharing time together, but then the gift wore out and the kids started fighting and this mommy was done.  

Today I wanted to share a fun and relatively easy craft I did to dress up my piano for Christmas.  

I started with these basic supplies – two styrofoam cones, one a little smaller than the other, and some sheet music I printed from the internet.  

You wouldn’t necessarily have to use Christmas music, but I thought these were pretty and I wanted to use them :).

First step is to cover the top and the bottom.

Super simple, no measuring required.  Simply place the bottom of the cone on top of the paper (flip it over so you don’t have to worry about seeing your marks when you are done), draw a circle a little bigger than the bottom, and cut it out.  Next, in order to get it to fit around the bottom, you will need to cut slits around the edge.  Then, simply fold up and glue.  {I know hot glue melts styrofoam, but I used a low temp gun, and it’s paper so it doesn’t need a lot to hold.}

Repeat same idea with the top of the cone to get this.

Determine how wide you want your strips or “fringe” to be and start cutting.  

I have to be honest and say I didn’t measure this either, I really just let the music be my guide, and it really was fine that they weren’t all exactly the same size.

Then, you will need to cut slits in your paper strips about halfway up.  Again, how far apart the strips are is up to you and doesn’t have to be equal.

(Bad photo and bad nails – ugh).  Then, using a pencil I lightly ‘curled’ the edges of the paper where I had cut the slits.

After you have cut the slits in all your strips of paper, you are ready to create your tree!!  Starting at the bottom, glue your strips around the tree.  Cutting pieces to fit as necessary.

You will have to fold the paper in places as the cone gets smaller towards the top in order for it to lay down correctly, but you will cover that up with another strip, so it won’t be seen.  For the last couple of pieces at the top, you will want to cut shorter pieces, so you don’t have any of these folds.

Then, you can ‘fluff’ out your tree with your fingers until you get it looking the way you like it.

Lovely!!  Now, repeat for tree number two.  If you notice in the first photo there were wood bases under the trees.  

When I put the trees in their place, they seemed a little short, so I dug in my shed and found a already chopped off landscape timber – perfect size for the base, and my sweet hubby cut it in half for me.  Those just got hot glued on to the bottom of the trees.  

Simple and a fun musical addition to the decor on my piano!!  🙂  Now, off to do some more cleaning!!

Blessings friends!!


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