Perfectly Imperfect Christmas Tree

As we were decorating the Christmas tree the other night, as a family, like we have done since the kids were small, my heart was full.  Our tree is not color coordinated or styled. No two ornaments match, and there is no order to how they are placed.  The tree is completely COVERED with ornaments, most placed by the kids wherever they can find an empty limb.  Some decorators might think it looks tacky, but to me it’s perfect and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Every year I get to stroll down memory lane as I pull out ornaments that my children have made in school, or at church.  

There are ornaments my hubby and I have purchased to mark the year.  

There are ornaments that were gifts.   

Each one holds a special place in my heart. Even the mismatched beads strung on yarn, or the hand drawn pictures my youngest drew one year.  They might look tacky to some. But, they are going on the tree.  

I sit back and look at it and I feel like it tells a story. The story of our family.  We are so blessed.  

So, although our Christmas tree may not have a color scheme, it has a heartbeat.  The heartbeat of this family, and I love it.  Perfectly imperfect.  As The Nester says “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”  And our tree is beautiful to me.  

Love what you have.  Have what you love.  Treasure those things that have meaning, things that have a special place in your heart.  Those are the things that will bring you joy.  


  1. Your tree IS perfect and certainly does have a heartbeat! These are the best kinds of Christmas Trees… Ones that actually mean something and remind you of what IS important. Love it!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!


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