Refreshing Body and Soul {Let’s Get Moving}

Posting late today!!  I miss blogging regularly, but honestly life is happening and I am trying to keep up!! Back in January, I talked about this being the year of refreshing.  I mentioned that I was talking about more than just the house.  

Ya, so basically I got on the scales Monday morning. (Not the best idea after a four day weekend of snow and cold – lots of snacking and lots of sitting.)  I did not like what I saw.  I know, those of you who know me are probably rolling your eyes right now. I may not be noticeably overweight, and maybe that’s not the biggest problem.  (I like how Becky tells it here.)  I really don’t feel that great most of the time. Sluggish and tired is how I roll most days, and that for me is just no bueno.

I’ve been out of shape for years.  Walking up a flight of stairs will cause me to be out of breath. Mowing the lawn (which isn’t even very big), can send me into cardiac arrest (not really, but it feels awful).  Getting older is not fun people.  

Monday was the trigger I needed however, to flip the switch.  You see, I have this ridiculous stubbornness within me that keeps me from doing things that are good for me.  (please tell me I’m not the only one)  But, that was just not what I wanted needed to see to get me moving again. 

Back in the spring, when it was lovely and warm outside, my hubby and I started running.  (I put that word in italics because really it was hardly fast enough to be considered a jog, and there was a lot of walking in between, and we never went very far.)  Then, it got hot, and then it got busy, and then it got cold, and then I stopped.  Yay for hubby he didn’t.  But boo for me I did. And that ridiculous stubbornness was me not wanting to get in my car and drive to the gym to exercise.  It just seems like such a waste of time.  What I’ve learned over the years is if I’m going to exercise it needs to be simple.  

So, I flipped the switch and Tuesday I got in my car and forced myself to the gym to run in a circle on a track – ugh – I prefer outside with fresh air – but no cold, so the track it is.  Treadmills scare me…

I even went back on Wednesday.  Today I can’t walk without looking like a dork, but hey.  I am waiting for that moment when I can’t wait to work out…  Right now it is me forcing my body to do something my body doesn’t really want to do, for the good of my body and my soul.  Refreshing, my body and my soul.  I just can’t help but think of this from Legally Blonde:

So, for the sake of my husband’s life – I will keep at this thing!!  HA!!  Do movie quotes pop into your heads at random times through the day?  All. the. time!!

The only hiccup is that adding in time to exercise is messing up my daily routine.  It’s throwing me off. I’ve never been a schedule kind of girl, but being home full-time I have found that I have fallen into a few patterns. With this addition, I’m having trouble getting back into my groove. Weird.  

What’s your trigger??  What’s the thing that motivates you to get moving??  Do you like to exercise or do you have to make yourself??

Blessings friends!!  And by all means – get moving!!  🙂

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