Couch Time {Family Friday}

As we approach Valentine’s Day I thought I would take some time to talk the language of LOVE.  

Kids were out of school today and are again tomorrow for snow!!  So, I’m gonna make this one short and sweet, and yet critical.

If you are married you know that there are plenty of things that can get in the way of you and your spouse spending even 15 minutes together some days.  This is not good.  You and your spouse need to connect, like really connect on a daily basis.  Because if you don’t, after a while you don’t even notice, and then before you know it you don’t care.  Bad road people, bad.

Years ago, when my hubby and I were newly married, we were introduced to the concept of couch time.  We had little children then, and most of the time when hubby came home all I wanted to do was hand him the crying baby and go take a shower, or go finish dinner if I was feeling ambitious that day.  

Couch time meant that when he first came home what we did was spend 10 or 15 minutes on the couch alone together recapping our day – connecting.  This idea had many benefits.  For me my hubby is my sanity. Somehow, just being in his presence calms my spirit. Spending those few minutes focusing on each other made both of us feel special.  As the kids got old enough to notice that daddy was spending time with mommy FIRST, this helped them to know that our marriage relationship was more important than our relationship with our kids.  (Yes, I know this is hard – but right.)  

So this is what I will say to you.  No matter how long you have been married.  No matter how many kids you have.  No matter how busy your schedule is.  No matter how old your kids are. Make sure that you and your spouse take some time out each day to communicate with each other.  Listen to the ins and outs of each other’s day.  Make sure that you are listening with your heart, not just with your ears.  Put your phones on a shelf, turn off the TV, put away the distractions, and focus on each other and your relationship for just a few moments each day.  Try it, and see how it goes!!

Blessings and Love friends!!

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  1. I believe you! I have been married for over 27 years and my husband and I are still getting to know each other. I love it! During the early years of our lives, we were concerned about our jobs and our babies, but over the years, we have changed and become more concerned about each other…more interested in each other…more determined to mesh our dreams and hopes for our future-life in retirement. It is so necessary to connect and just "be" together. Many blessings and much joy!

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