Record Keeping {Budget Binder}

I mentioned here that we use an excel spreadsheet to keep track of our budget and bill paying. This is only half true.  Several months ago, when my anxiety level was off the charts, I surrendered the money management to my hubby.  I have been doing it solely because I had more time.  Truth be told, he’s probably better at it than I am – but don’t tell him I said so ;).

He uses the excel sheet to look at, but then he scratches out his own (illegible I might add) notes on whatever scrap piece of paper he happens to find.  Bless him, he just prefers pencil and paper.  

So, today I decided to check out my own pinterest budget board, because I knew I had pinned some things on budget binders, and budget planning sheets.  {What did I ever do before pinterest??}

There are so many options, some free – like this one, some at a low cost on etsy – like this one.  I also came across this site with some very basic financial pages to print.  And of course there are the starter pages from Dave Ramsey.

Honestly, I had trouble finding something that was exactly what I wanted.  So I made my own, with a table in Word, and printed it out.  Now, I am assuming that these sheets don’t take too long for someone who knows how to use these programs fairly fluently, but for the basic beginner – me, it took a little bit of time to get everything in place, and looking the way that I wanted. Let’s just hope hubby likes it.  

Blessings and Peace!!

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