Patio Sprucing

Hey there friends! How are y’all?? We had a bit of rain this last week (thanks Bill), but it finally cleared up long enough for the sun to come out!! Yay!! So, I took that opportunity to style up our newly refreshed patio furniture!

This set was a hand-me-down from several years back which has been great! In my plans to deck out the patio this summer was to freshen up these pieces. 

I really didn’t realize how bad they were looking until I sprayed on that first coat – wow!

Now they look brand new! Love that. 🙂 The table and chairs took about 8 cans of spray paint (under $30) and a couple of days. 

The cute table decor came on the cheap – because honestly, I don’t do things any other way! I used our yellow umbrella as my jumping off point for color.

I found the cute placemats at Hobby Lobby at 50% off. 

The plates I had on hand, but they are from the dollar tree. 

The napkins I made, tied up with some fun ribbon. 
The centerpiece I pulled out of my cabinet. 🙂 {We lost power about a month ago during a storm, and I scrambled to find light – cheap candles in mason jars – boom.}

Easy peasy, and all for under $10. $15 if I had to purchase the plates and the candles. Love that!

Hoping to get started on the other half soon. Really stuck on deciding which direction to go. Sometimes I’m really indecisive! Ha!

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