Office Organization Tips for Paper Pilers

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a paper piler. I typically have three or four piles of papers on my desk at one time, as well as another one or two piles somewhere else. I have tried many, many, many systems to remedy this problem with NO success. I’m a visual person so, literally, out of sight = out of mind. Piling works for me, so why disrupt the system?? Well, because it’s ugly!! This before picture of my desk is pretty accurate – several piles. So, what’s my solution?? What tips do I have for my office to get organized and stay that way??
Even if you don't have a dedicated room for an office, you can always carve out a corner to create an office space.
Cute containers to corral the piles!! I know genius, right!! Not rocket science in the least, but hey I promise it works. Notice, I didn’t just say containers, but rather cute containers. Cute makes you want to keep it that way.
Cute office supplies make you want to keep things organized!
First up is using vertical space and surfaces. My hanging wire file holder from Hobby Lobby is cute, as are the file folders in it (office depot). Each kid has a folder, as well as my hubby and I and then there are files for other things that we need access to daily – schedules and such. The bulletin/inspiration board is a great place to keep all my ideas in front of me rather than stuck in a folder or drawer somewhere where I will most likely forget about them. 😉 Also on the desk I have a basket for other papers that need attention fairly soon. I made sure to keep this basket pretty shallow as to not pile too much in there – because then, things get lost…and forgotten.
Next are these shelves.  More cute containers to keep the ugly of the paper piling organized and stashed. Simple clear paper trays hold printer paper, notebook paper, and graph paper. Now, no one has to ask “mom” where the paper is. 😀 On the shelf above there is a larger basket for papers that I want to keep but don’t necessarily need immediate action. Yes, as the basket gets full I will have to take time to go through said papers and take action. 😆 Next to the basket is a cute file holder that contains all of our household files – bills and such. Necessary files, but not necessarily cute – but in the cute file holder…cute!
Office organization tips for paper pilers
Lastly this lovely dresser turned credenza! I am calling it that so my hubby won’t give me a hard time about having a ‘dresser’ in the family room…so, the credenza.
A dresser can provide great storage in an office area.
Half of the drawers are currently holding office supplies and my camera supplies, the other half is holding random things – more papers (hubby’s) and various electronic cords and such. The left side with the office things got the cute treatment to help me keep it neat. Starting with these (from Dollar Tree).
small plastic storage containers can help keep your drawers organized.
And some more of that cute wrapping paper (from hobby lobby). And now, I have this
Lining your drawers with pretty paper makes for a fun surprise.
and this!
Lining your drawers with pretty paper makes for a fun surprise.
So, there you have it! My tips from one piler to another:
  • open storage for stuff you need everyday
  • cute storage to help you want to keep it straight
  • keep it simple – don’t try to make too many categories (you probably won’t keep up with them)
  • closed storage for the more random stuff
  • give yourself a break – sometimes piles are inevitable 😉
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