Magic Cleaning Solution for Old Baking Sheets

Hey there friends! Posting a little late today because yesterday got away from me! Seriously, I looked up last night and could not believe it was already 10pm! It was a busy but great day, so I’m not complaining at all!!
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As I was working through decluttering my kitchen I came across my baking sheets. They are fine. They work just fine. They are clean, but they don’t necessarily look it. Years of non-stick cooking spray build-up and maybe a bit of rust from the dishwasher has them looking pretty gross. So, I decided to try out something I have seen over and over on Pinterest. Maybe you’ve seen it too but haven’t tried it, because lets be real, some of those things are just too good to be true. Well, let’s see!!
Magic Cleaning Solution for Old Baking Sheets
Here is what I started with. Like I said not terrible enough to throw out yet, but no where near what it looked like when I bought them. I was not looking for brand new, just a little less gross.
old baking sheet before
The magic solution is literally these two things – baking soda and peroxide. Most sites that I read said to make a paste and apply it to the pan. But, to be honest, that was just one step too many for me. Ha! So, I simplified the process a bit.
supplies for cleaning old baking sheets
I first squirted some peroxide on the pan to wet it down pretty well, and then I sprinkled a good amount of baking soda on top.
magic cleaning solution on baking sheet
Letting it sit and do it’s thing is not required, but I decided to do just that because I figured it would be less scrubbing. And, the results were proof positive! I let the solution set on the pan for about 5 minutes. The specific time doesn’t matter a whole lot, just give it time to do some of the work for you!
Then use a rag and get to scrubbing. In no time at all the gunk came off! After a good rinse I was left with this.
cleaning an old baking sheet
I only did half of the pan at first because I wanted to be able to see the results myself. And I like it! Here is a side by side before and after as well.
before and after cleaning an old baking sheet
Not perfect but definitely better! Good and ready for a few more years use! Probably the best part of this is the cost. These two items cost less than a dollar each, and I didn’t even use all of it. So, this is a win, win in my book!!



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