Keeping Up With The Schedules {Family Friday}

Spring (semester) has sprung and so has our family’s schedule.  Like a race horse at the gates, we have bolted into 2014 with a thundering sound.  {okay enough metaphors}

But really people, it’s busy.  It always is, and we wouldn’t change it.  I’m not complaining – we are blessed to afford activities for our children.  We limit them to one activity each, but even that adds up with 4 kids.  And, as they get older activities become more involved.  More practices, more games, more contests – you get the idea.  Not to mention regular life and ya know mom and dad’s schedule on top of that.  I person could lose their mind!!

I don’t want to miss a thing!!  So back in January, after I finished the kitchen project, I pulled together all the schedules – a nice stack of paper and emails – for the next 6 months.  {I can’t even begin to look at summer right now}  I sat down and started writing things in on my large desk calendar.  Smart phones have calendars and they are great – if you check them.  I could always use outlook on my computer and sync with phone – again requires me looking at it.  {yes I know – alerts – but you have to set those}  I have mentioned I am a very visual person.  I need to see things, many times, even many times a day.  

I have used the end wall of my kitchen cabinets for years for these types of things.  I’ve had just a calendar up there.  I’ve had a small bulletin board and a calendar. Then I had a bigger bulletin board and a bigger calendar.  One thing that was lacking – the ability to see a month ahead. {without turning the page – are you noticing a trend – ya} So, this time I decided to tear the pages of the desk calendar and hang them on the wall separately.  

Wall calendars are a great way to keep the family schedule in check.

I found this adorable washi tape – having no idea that it would match the calendar when I got home – seriously no clue – sweet surprise!!

Washi tape is a great damage free way to hang calendars or other papers on the wall.

And there ya go!!  I have also used the washi tape to tape up cards and reminders for upcoming events.  

Wall calendars are a great way to keep up with the family schedule.

This is perfect for me because I walk by this hundreds of times a day, and there it is.  

How do you keep up with the chaos??  Do you carry a calendar with you, do you have a family calendar?? Don’t ya just love the abundance of activity in spring?? Way better than sitting around in the gray of winter!!

Oh and by the way, since I haven’t mentioned it in a while…we are just trying to get to here people.  {oh ya and notice – piano contest for little boys on graduation day – ha}

Family calendar

Tears come at the oddest times, like when I’m washing the dirt out of his baseball pants.  For the love.  The future is bright, and I know God has the best plans for him!!

Blessings and Prayers Friends as you navigate your family’s schedule.

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