Frazzled Friday – Sometimes I Can’t Do All The Things (and what I have been doing)

Tap, tap, tap. Anyone there?? I knew it had been a while since I sat down to blog, but I didn’t really think it had been two months!  😯  I’ve missed it so much honestly. I think I mentioned before that after Christmas I took a temporary part time job. And, it has literally rocked my world. I’m so used to having all the time in the world to do all the things. But, now I have about half the time that I had before, and I can’t seem to get anything but the necessities done. And, even those aren’t always getting done because I’m so ridiculously tired!! UGH! I’m glad it’s only temporary! But, don’t be surprised if I go dark again for another few weeks after this post. lol
Painted dresser with refurbished hardware
Less time also requires me to prioritize. It’s spring which means my boys are doing all kinds of things that I want to be a part of. Soccer games, concerts, prom, birthday, driving, etc. And, these things always take priority over anything home or blog related. That’s just the truth.
My favorite goalie
These last few weeks have been full of fun, and I have been caught in all the feels. It started with my middle son’s first prom, and then there was my youngest’s 16th birthday, then he got his driver’s license and drove off all by himself, and then Monday we are taking our middle son on his first college visit. Not to mention the fact that it’s the middle of April which means the school year is coming to a close, and I will have a senior next year. My head is spinning. No really spinning.
First prom for our middle son
I told my middle son the other night, when I was telling him goodnight and going over the activities for the next day, that we were entering the phase where mama is gonna need more hugs. So, whenever I asked he needed to oblige without hesitation or complaint. He said “ok”, looking at me very strange.
Hubby and I in Phoenix
Saying goodbye and letting go is a process. I know this because I’ve done it twice before. I remember catching myself staring at them from across the room, studying their face, in hopes that I won’t ever forget what they look like at this moment.
NHS induction
My goal during this fast paced season is try to focus more on the fun, the celebration, the excitement, and focus less on the sadness. The feelings of sadness come when we least expect them. Allow it, but then move on. Don’t wallow in it. Remember the joy! How exciting to see this little blessing that God has given you spread his wings and find his calling and pursue his dreams!!
soccer mom
No, I can’t do all the things. But, I can do the important things. I can take time to be there when my last kiddo gets his license. I can be there when my middle son gets ready for his first prom. I can take time to help him pick out a corsage for his date. I can drive two hours to cheer on my youngest in a soccer game. Because these are the things that matter right now.
Happy birthday
Do I want to do DIY projects?? Do I want to blog about them?? Absolutely!! But, my priority is my family. So, until I have more time beyond that, there will probably be cricket noises going on here at frazzledJOY. Please don’t abandon ship! I have so many great plans and ideas waiting in the wings. Bonus, it’s getting warmer out so we are going to start tackling the outside of our home again. Hopefully this year we can make a lot more progress!! HA!
Thanks so much to all my faithful readers! You guys are the best! I’m looking forward to being back again real soon!!

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