Easter Mantel

Did you miss me last week?  Sorry for the absence.  Hubby and I were in sunny California where we met up with our oldest son.  The baseball team was there playing some California teams on their spring break.  So, three for one – I got to see my boy, I got to watch him play baseball, and I got to go to the beach! It was a great time for sure!!

It only took me a couple of days after having the mantel finished to start scheming it’s first decor. Since Easter is coming quickly I thought I would do something simple for that.  

I have never had a mirror above our mantel, but I knew that was something I really wanted to find to add to our new light and bright space.  I scoured high and low for an affordable option and landed with this one from Ross.  A great size for $25 I think!

I added a free printable from here. And the rest are items I already had.

The vase on the end there got a little update with paint.  I have had it forever, and it was just a little tired.  But, now I love it all over again!

I cannot begin to tell you how much I am enjoying our new space.  I still have a couple of details to attend to (like something to put that other plant in), but it is so much better already!!

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  1. Lucky duck, I love California! Your mantel is pretty. I love the rustic mantel itself and the mirror and Easter decor look great. Thanks for sharing at The Creative Circle.

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