DIY Macrame Christmas Ornaments

It’s time for another Remodelaloholic DIY Challenge!! This time it’s all about Christmas!! The Creative Christmas Challenge has brought together 22 talented bloggers (including myself :)) to share with you their Christmas DIY project!! I’ve been so intrigued by the macrame trend that has re-emerged from years ago. It was the one craft that my mom did that she didn’t pass on to me. Haha. So, after perusing a few tutorials and a couple of videos I decided to give it a try. And, that is what I’m sharing with you today! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the post and check out all the other inspiration from all the other bloggers!! Also, a lot of them included a video tutorial! There are links to those as well at the end of this post.
DIY Macrame Christmas Ornaments
I did my best to take plenty of pictures to explain the process for you visual folks like me, since I haven’t jumped into the video side of this business yet. And, I will give you the link of a video I watched that walks you through several basic knots like the square knot that I will be using. Once you learn the basics you can pretty much create any design you like!
I decided to keep it pretty simple. The knot I chose, and the design. And I really like the way they turned out. All of the progress pictures I will be sharing are the with the white yarn. It’s a little thicker and I thought it would come across better on the screen. But, I really love the variegated green cotton yarn that I found at Hobby Lobby. (they have started putting ALL of their yarn on sale every other week now, which is great – it’s only 30% though so if you only need one skein, you’d be better off using your 40% off coupon)
Here are the supplies that I started with. The white yarn came from my stash but the back of sticks, and the green yarn I picked up from Hobby Lobby.
Supplies for DIY Macrame Christmas Ornament
I decided to create collages for the steps because otherwise there would have been an OVERLOAD of pictures! I hope these help!!
Securing yarn to hanger (stick) for macrame ornament
Step One – Cut yarn to length desired. With the sticks I found I could fit 12 pieces of yarn on them and I cut my yarn to about 24″ each.
Step Two – Fold piece of yarn in half.
Step Three – Position stick on top of loop as pictured.
Step Four – Fold ends of yarn over the stick.
Step Five – Create a knot by threading ends of yarn through the loop and pulling tight.
Step Six – Repeat these steps with all 12 pieces of yarn.
After you’ve got your yarn secured to the stick hanger, you will want to secure it to some sort of surface. I used the back of a clipboard.
Secure piece to board for knotting
Now you are ready to start knotting! Like I said I went with a basic square knot. There are so many different things you can do with it and it’s pretty straight forward and simple.
Steps of a square knot
Step One – Separate out four strands of yarn (two sets of two), lay the far left strand over the other three strands.
Step Two – Lay the far right strand of yarn over the end of the far left strand.
Step Three – Loop the far right strand under the two center strands and back over the far left strand to make your knot. Pull to secure.
Step Four – Same idea from the other side. Lay the far right strand over the other three strands.
Step Five – Lay the far left strand of yarn over the end of the far right strand.
Step Six – Loop the far left strand under the two center strands and back over the far right strand to make your knot. Pull to secure.
You’ve now completed your first square knot! For my pattern, I chose to start with the four strands in the center. You can see that in the pictures below.
Diamond macrame pattern
The first row is just one square knot made with the four center strands of yarn. With each row I added two strands on either side. When I reached the row where I had knotted all the strands across, I started taking away two strands from each side on each proceeding row. What I ended up with was a cute little diamond! 🙂
I missed photographing a few rows, but hopefully you get the idea!! To finish off the project I separated the strands of yarn out into three sections and just tied those into a basic knot.
Finishing off a macrame ornament
Then trim the ends to make them even and you’re done!
Finishing off a macrame oranament
I love how they turned out!
DIY Macrame Christmas Ornament
Here is how the green variegated version turned out. And, I decided to do the ends of the ornament a little different by fraying the ends of the yarn.
DIY Macrame Christmas Ornament
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