DIY Christmas Balls – Quick and Inexpensive

I feel like I have been a bit off with blogging lately. And, I have missed it! Between finishing up the One Room Challenge, getting ready to host Thanksgiving, my boy coming home, hosting Thanksgiving, and now trying to decorate for Christmas…whew! I just haven’t taken a second to sit down and share with y’all. And I have managed to catch a little cold. 🙁 Ain’t nobody got time for that! So, last night as I was watching the Fixer Upper season premier (anyone else a #fixerupperfanatic?), I whipped up some filler balls to use in my Christmas decor. And even though it’s mid-morning already, I thought I would share!! 😉

My original plan was to purchase some styrofoam balls to wrap with jute and yarn, but oh my goodness – styrofoam is not cheap, and when cheap is what you are going for…well, you find an alternative.

Here is what I started with.

Yep, newspaper = free, well sort of – already used newspaper, leftover from black Friday, headed for the trash anyway. Yarn and jute to wrap with.

Simply take a sheet of newspaper, and wad it up into a ball. A single sheet will make a slightly smaller ball, and a double sheet slightly larger.

Then, Start wrapping. 

And keep wrapping until there is almost no newspaper visible (I say almost because you seriously don’t have to cover every millimeter – no one will see that but you.) Then, I simply tied off the end and tucked it in some of the other string. 

And voila! 

Filler balls to use just about anywhere you need them in your Christmas decorating. I also saw someone use ornaments from Dollar Tree – also a cost effective idea (I just didn’t want to go back to the store) And, you could even tie a loop at the top and make it an ornament! 

Now, I am off to finish up the decor and clean up the mess I have made!  I will be back soon to share!

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  1. These are perfect for the holidays. And I just love a good repurpose! They can actually be used all year long, and if you want to embellish them you can add little red bows for Christmas. Like a blank canvas. As for not being able to see the newspaper you are absolutely right. Normal folk won't, only we obsessed bloggers would fuss over such things. Have a great holiday season!!

  2. Super idea to use newspaper! you got a great shape out those. Love the texture of the yarn and twine and the neutral colors. Thanks for sharing at The Creative Circle. Hope to see you again this week!!

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