Corner Cubby {more organization}

As I was waiting for the paint to dry on my back door yesterday, I happened to catch a glimpse of my little shelf in the corner.

Corner shelf unorganized

This shelf is wonderful.  It fits perfectly in the space without being in the way, and it holds lots of things that we might need in the back yard that I don’t want to store outside (since we have no roof or cover over our patio). It gets much more use over the summer as it holds a lot of pool stuff and some outdoor play items. When tidied up it looks like this.

Corner shelf filled with things for the backyard

The bottom bucket holds various back yard sports items.  We have a lot more, but these are the basics they use a lot.  The second bucket holds doggie things.  Pool towels on the shelf, and the basket above holds smaller pool equipment, my garden gloves, a pair of my sunglasses (I got tired of using my regular pair for outside, because I would always forget to put them back in my purse), and of course sunscreen and bug spray. You can see the dog food canister next to it and the smaller paw print item above – more on that in a sec.

But, since the pool is coming down as we speak (kind of – a slow process), I decided to go ahead and rearrange the items until next summer when the pool goes back up.  *A side note on the pool.  We have one of those blue metal frame pools.  It might look very redneck in our backyard, but it provides wonderful entertainment on those unbearably hot Oklahoma days, and when the summer is over, I love that I can take it down and use the whole yard for the other 9 months of the year. *

So, now the shelf looks like this.

Corner shelf storage for backyard supplies

All contents are the same (aside from the pool equipment in the small basket which will be stored away), just rearranged.  

As I was sorting through the things in the buckets, I decided on a different solution for the doggie treats – instead of in the box, buried in the dog stuff bucket.  I had some of my trusty plastic containers from walmart left over from the garage organization project, so I grabbed one.

dog treat storage

I printed out a paw print from my computer just like I did for the food canister only smaller.  (pardon the pink look of the printout, I need printer ink)  

paw print template

Traced it on the back of a piece of my chalkboard vinyl. (no I don’t plan on writing on it with chalk, but it was the color I wanted and it was in my closet – free {no spend month :)})  

paw print traced on vinyl

Then, I cut it out and stuck in on.  

dog treat canister

Easy peasy and oh so cute!!  Happy organizing and crafting!!

Pulled this out of the closet today to add some personal touches to some store bought items – with fabric I found in my stash of course ;).

sewing machine
Will be sharing the finished products with you soon!!

Blessings to you friends and thanks for stopping by!!


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