Zoo Prints Gallery Wall

I’m back today to share with you the easy-peasy gallery wall of zoo prints I did for our youngest son’s new room.

On a trip to the zoo this summer I brought my camera and took lots of wonderful shots of the animals as I always try to.  But this time I kept the gallery wall in mind – meaning I tried my hardest to keep the fences and such out of the shots. 

Then when we finally got around to putting the gallery together, I had my kiddo sit down and pick out his favorite shots.  I actually printed these from home, which I rarely do, but I had received some free photo paper the last time I bought printer ink, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I have a basic inexpensive printer and I thought they came out pretty good!

While he was picking out his faves, I got busy spray painting frames.  I used good ole ORB (oil-rubbed bronze) to keep a uniform look.  

Next step was to mount the photos.  I chose a brown pattern scrapbook paper to mount them on.  Since the frames were 8×10 and the prints were 4×6.  He had trouble narrowing his faves down, so some got two pics.  🙂

To hold the photos to the paper I used these clear photo corners this time.  This will make it ever so simple to change out photos if he wants to a later date.

Here is how it looks in the frame.

Of course the star attraction  (giraffes are his favorite) got a little special treatment.  😉

Gallery walls used to intimidate me, until I actually tried one, and now I realize it’s no big deal.  There is no perfect way to do them, it just needs to look good to you and to be filled with things you love!  I encourage you to try one today on an empty wall in your home!  🙂

For other gallery wall ideas, check these out.

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Bright and Fun Teen Girls Room Reveal

In honor of my daughter’s birthday this weekend I thought I would finally share with you her new room!!  This was truly a collaboration between her and I design-wise, with her having the majority of the say.  In the past I would always tell her she could design her own room.  But, in the end it always ended up being more what I wanted.  This time I was intentional about letting her have her way.  Which proved to be difficult sometimes, I’m not gonna lie. 🙂
bright and fun teen girls room
orange teen girls room
triangle accent wall
I shared with you earlier the how-to on the triangle wall.  A labor of love for sure!
We did get to enjoy some crafting together along the way.  The large “A” above her bed was all her (and her dad). 
large A with lighted wall hanging
She drew the letter, dad cut it out, she painted it and she wrapped it in lights.  It’s super cute lit-up.  🙂  She said she wanted a big “A” and I just couldn’t see it, but it turned out great.
lighted A wall hanging
I shared with you last week the gallery wall I created for her.  I walk down memory lane.  🙂 So fun to put together, and she loved it – score!
gallery wall
She is very much what I like to call an out-in-the-open organizer.  If the place for things is not out in the open, things will not get put away.  So, I had stocked up on ideas from blogland for months and these are the ones we tweaked to work for us with a lot of supplies we had on hand.  
teen girl organization
dollar store tiered tray/ jewelry organizer – inspired by Charming in Charlotte / nail polish storage
teen girl bedding
The bedding is quite the combo.  With all the orange in the room, I insisted on white bedding. Daring to be sure with this messy teenager, but I knew the room needed some light.  We found this cuteness at TJ Max.  The throw and the adorable pillow were handmade by her granny and are just the right touch I think.  She was hoping for some fur pillows and I found these rather large ones at Sams before Christmas for $20 each, and they have feather inserts!  Steal :). The curtains actually moved with her from her previous room and they were purchased from Hobby Lobby.
bright and fun teen girls room
This room is so her, and I’m happy to have worked with her on this project! Do you have a teen you want to create a space for?  Make sure and give them plenty of input.  They need a space they can call there’s during these fun years. 😉  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!!

P.S. If you are interested in seeing where this journey started you can check out this post.

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