And the De-cluttering Continues

So after we tackled the garage, and rested for a few days just to recover, I decided to tackle another space that needed attention.  You see, what helps me stay on task when I am de-cluttering and organizing one space, is that when I decided something needs to be relocated, I just relocate it haphazardly trying to move on as quickly as possible {unless of course that space is already organized then I know where the thing is to go}.  I have mentioned that every corner of my home needs some TLC in the de-cluttering and organizing area so this is the only way I can stay focused and not get caught up doing a whole different project in the middle :).  So, long story short behind this lovely door in my entryway, 

there was this…

{insert horror movie-type scream here}

I don’t think I could have stuffed even one more thing in there – well maybe one more ;).  Anywho, as I have done with all the previous spaces, I cleaned EVERYTHING out.  Since we built our “mudroom” I have started using this closet more for storage of a variety of things.  As you can see – paperwork,

Office/School supplies,

Bags – remember I mentioned my obsession with them,

Of course coats and jackets not in use – I know the pile looks large but remember we are six people and it’s summer.

I also have some mementos in here because there is room…usually.  

So, after two small bags for charity, two bags of trash, and simply putting things where they actually went, I ended up with this.

I’m super excited that I can now get to the things I will need soon as school gets back underway.  The crate holds extra school supplies, as does the bottom three drawers of the green tower o’ drawers.  The top four drawers of this tower I use to hold my kids schoolwork and awards I choose to keep throughout the school year.  

This project only took a couple of hours and will have cost only $10 once I buy another pack of file boxes for all these.  A welcome venture after the garage.  

I have to add that with each space organized I feel like a five pound weight is being lifted from me.  I have always loved organized spaces, but I never really thought it was that important.  But, now I really can see what a difference it can make.  Don’t just use the space around you, but rather make it work for you.  

Blessings and Happy Organizing!!

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