A More Functional Linen Closet

As I said in the beginning, closets work hard for us, so I guess it is fitting to spend three days on them right?  
Today I want to share with you my one day linen closets transformation.  This is a space in my home that has bugged me for years.  But, it is also one of those spaces that I typically just throw my hands up and shove everything in there, and do my best to shut the doors.
But, last week I was in a slump of sorts and needed something to jump start me.  A one day project is great for that!!
First things first – a before…
Cramped and unorganized linen closet.
Ugh!  Next, the emptying and sorting of all the stuff.
Sorting and organizing linens
With the closet empty, I was faced with a decision – to paint or not to paint.  For some reason, all of the cabinets in this house feel dungeon-like to me, so I decided to grab a bucket of white paint and a paintbrush and attack it.
Use white paint on the inside of cabinets to make the space brighter.
Amazing what a little bit of paint can do to brighten up a space huh??
Now it was on to the organizing.  I purchased these really cute baskets at Dollar Tree (really my go-to place for organizing these days).  However, I filled them up with sheets and then realized they would not fit on the shelf…
Dollar tree bins to store linens
…so I cut off the handles.  The edges are not sharp just in case you were wondering.  I did my best to cut them as straight as I could.  🙂
After some purging, and some organizing, and some straightening…
Linen closet organized
Yay!!  Soooo much better!!
blanket and pillow storage
The top hold blankets and pillows for guests. (Behind the pillows up top are our beach towels – these cabinets are deep!)
Store winter blankets in space bags to save space.
The bottom I am using to store blankets that we aren’t using but want to keep – either for sentimental reasons (grandma’s quilt) or just because.  These are large space bags and they are just the right size for the space.  I fit four of them in there and there is room for one or two more I think.
I went back and added labels to the baskets of sheets.  I don’t label for cuteness.  I label out of necessity.  It really is the ONLY way to ensure that people will put things back where they belong ;).
Label baskets and bins to help keep things in place.
Lines organized in plastic bins.
Here are the bags for donation!!
Linen closet purge
Another space down and I am now energized to keep working!!  If you are stuck, and can’t seem to get yourself motivated – pick a one-day project and get energized!!
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