31 Days Recap

We did it!!  31 days of talking about money!!  I’m exhausted -ha!!  I hope that you were encouraged 🙂 Thank you for all the positive feedback I received from readers all around.  I know people don’t really want to talk about money they just want to have it.  But, in my experience, if you want to have it, you have to talk about it :).  

So, hopefully by now you have a better idea of how to talk about money, where the money is going, and where the money should be going.  Also, you should have found some ‘extra’ money that is allowing you to dig yourself out of debt and save up for a rainy day.  And, lastly build that nest egg, dream about the future, and don’t be afraid to dream big because we serve a BIG God that wants great things for you!!

You have probably noticed me mentioned Dave a lot throughout this series.  Honestly, everything I learned about money I learned from my financial peace class written by Dave.  (don’t you love how I’m on a first-name-basis with him;))  He has a blog, a website, a facebook page, and even a pinterest page.  I would suggest following along on one or all for great tips and suggestions from Dave.

I feel like I should share with you how things are going on my home front, it has been a bumpy month financially for us, and my hubby and I have been left shaking our heads at the things the enemy has been throwing at us.  I’m beginning to think that the devil was none too happy I was sharing with you guys about money!!  HA!!  So, through it all this experience of faithfully writing for 31 days about money has caused me to keep my head up and keep pressing on through the trial.  So, my beloved, you do the same.  Keep your head up!!  You can do this!!  

Now, I’m gonna take a couple of days off!!!  I hope that’s okay :).  We have a busy weekend ahead around here!  I will be back soon because I have lots of projects to share with you!!  For those of you that joined me for this series, please stick around, I don’t always blog about money, we do fun things around here too, and I’m sure there will be some money-saving tips thrown in here are there!!

Blessings friends!!

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