High Five on Friday #7

Happy Friday friends! I’m super excited that after today there are only two more days of school!! May always wears me out. This concert, and that concert, and this ceremony, and that contest, and this recital, and that tryout, and on and on it goes. All the things. Oh, and bring this, and bring that, and pay this and pay that. Add on to that graduation gifts and parties, and baby gifts and showers, and man oh man, I need a break! Anybody else relate with these first world problems?? 😆 Well, today we are just gonna forget about all of that and enjoy some pretty spaces because it’s high time for another

High Five on Friday!!

If you’ve been around here for any time at all you know all about the One Room Challenge. I’ve participated in four myself and it’s definitely a challenge. I sat this spring’s challenge out, but I still love pouring over all the beautifully finished spaces! I have five for you today and I’ll probably have more for you next week. Too much goodness not to share!! Be sure to click through each link to see more pictures! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!
Please click the link to pin from the original post to make sure the creative person behind the photo gets due credit. Thanks 🙂 
First up, this bedroom that my friend Julie from Less Than Perfect Life Of Bliss created for her daughter.
That mural is just stunning, am I right?!
Next, I love how Ashley from Bigger Than The Three of Us modernized her entryway on a budget.
The change in the stair railings alone made such an impact!
This amazing master bathroom designed by House Updated perfectly combines form and function.
Isn’t it a beautiful space, and who wouldn’t love to have laundry close to your bedroom??
This farmhouse master bedroom from Twelve on Main is to die for.
I love how she uses every inch of the space. Such a pretty retreat!
Lastly, Christina’s bathroom is a perfect mix of all things lovely.
How about that brick wall?? I’m always amazed by all the people who take on bathroom renovations. All the tiling and plumbing, along with the usual painting, and installing, and styling…all in 6 weeks. Very impressive!
So much eye candy!! Have a great weekend friends!!


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