My Top 5 Most Used Tools

I am super excited to be spending the day Christmas shopping with my mom. How about you? Have you finished your shopping yet? Have you started?? Ha! Maybe you are shopping for a beginner DIYer. Some who loves to DIY, but might not have a ton of tools. That’s how I was in the beginning! If so, then today’s post is for you! Some of these things may already be in their garage, but I bet not everything! These are some of my favorite things that I use on a fairly regular basis!
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Christmas at frazzled JOY 2016

Happy Wednesday to you!! I hope you’re crushing this hump day! This time of year the to do lists just keep growing. Lots of coffee is getting me through day to day!! How about you? Christmas is one of my favorite times in blogland! Seriously the number of beautiful homes filled with inspiration is limitless!! I could get lost for hours scrolling through all the gorgeous pictures!
Many times all that scrolling can bring feelings of doubt and insecurity. That green monster of envy that creeps up in us. Yes, I’ve felt it too. It used to be a real stumbling block for me. To the point that I didn’t want to go over to friends houses because it just reminded me of all the things I didn’t have…and then God got a hold of me. (don’t you love it when He steps in?) He gently reminded me of all my blessings and with His help I was able to refocus my energy on being thankful for what I had rather than coveting what others had. I love design and decorating and I’m always looking for new and fun ways to change up our home. So, now when I look at all those pictures I see inspiration rather than envy. Which is why we bloggers put out all those pretty pictures – to inspire, not to brag. 😉  Because, we will all be the first to tell you about all the junk we cropped out to make that photo look so good!! So, I hope that today you are inspired!! (Ok, needed to get that out! Thanks for letting me ramble!!)
Christmas at frazzled JOY just keeps getting simpler. Each year I pull less and less out of my tubs. I may buy a couple of things here and there to craft something, or after Christmas, but honestly I just reuse and reimagine things I’ve had for years! (budget friendly decorating here 😉 )
Ok, ok, time for me to hush and move on with the tour!! Welcome y’all, and come on in!!
Welcome and come on in to see our home decked out for Christmas
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A Mantel Filled With JOY

Hey there friends!! The Christmas décor is coming together in our home!! And, I’m so excited! Seriously, what is it about Christmas decorations that make me so cheery?? I don’t know, maybe it’s all the twinkle lights, or all the festive colors, or maybe all the reminders or my Lord and Saviors birth! 😀  No matter what the reason, it definitely puts me in a better mood. Today I’m sharing our mantel filled with JOY! 😉
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Hand Lettered Rustic JOY Sign

Hey there friends!! I’ve been wanting one on these rustic signs for our front porch for a while. In fact, it’s been on my to-do list for quite a few years, but I have never gotten around to it. Until this year!! I’m so excited to add this to our outdoor decorations! It’s not perfect, which is exactly what I wanted!
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