Our Trip to Magnolia Market at The Silos

Hey there friends! Last weekend we were able to check another thing off our bucket list! A visit to Magnolia Market at The Silos in Waco! If you’re a Fixer Upper fan then you might be a tad jealous (unless you’ve already been yourself), if you’re not then you might not know what I’m talking about. A few years back we visited their tiny store on Bosque street, and it was sweet and quaint and crowded. This store is about ten times the size, still sweet, and still crowded. Ha!! They have sweet workers everywhere ready to help you with anything you need, including snapping cute pictures for you so you don’t have to struggle with taking a selfie. (the struggle is real for us old people 😉 )
miles to magnolia
Honestly, shopping was a tad overwhelming for me. The store is so beautiful. Cute and creative displays everywhere you turn. But, along with all the cuteness and inspiration, there were also people everywhere you turned. Thankfully everyone was doing the same thing we were, and they were all very patient and polite. 😀 I snapped a few pictures of some of my favorite displays. Actually, I snapped A LOT of pictures so stay with me and keep scrolling through the inspiration!
front entry bicycle display at Magnolia Market
lantern display at Magnolia Market
kitchen display at Magnolia Market
metal bucket floral display at Magnolia Market
flower display at Magnolia Market
chalkboard display at Magnolia Market
Right?? So many fun ideas!! That last one was on the wall to the right as you went downstairs. And to the left…
Chip's corner at Magnolia
And straight ahead was a structure frame that had the most amazing iron chandelier hanging from it. I’m not sure if it was for sale, but I’m sure it wouldn’t have been in my budget. But just look at it…
iron chandelier at Magnolia Market
Here are a few products that caught my eye, and almost made it home with me.
fun finds from Magnolia Market
I’ve developed quite a love for setting a pretty table as of late. And, I loved that there were tables set in simple, but cute ways around the store.
place setting from Magnolia Market
Then, there is the garden area and store. With a couple of other fun ideas. (And where I found the treasure that came home with me.)
garden at Magnolia
And, last, but not least, the outside area. Can I just say that this was honestly my favorite part. I love the store, and the pieces that they have chosen to stock their shelves with top-notch picks for this modern-farmhouse-style-loving-girl, but the outside captured me. They have created an atmosphere of pure community. Hubby and I sat and pondered how many of these people were visitors from out of town like us, and how many lived in Waco. It just seemed like a place that the townsfolk might just come and hang out at on a sunny afternoon like it was the day we were there. “A place for people to mix, and mingle and be.” (if you get that movie reference then we might be best friends)
Magnolia silos
grounds at magnolia silos
patio at Magnolia silos
grounds at Magnolia silos
I may have marked Magnolia off my bucket list, but I’m thinking we may be going back in the future.
Bakery at the Silos
After all, we didn’t get a yummy cupcake, because on this beautiful day the line wrapped around the building. 😳
Oh, and if you’re wondering what I came home with…
Wood bowl from Magnolia Market
I had seen several larger bowls that didn’t have this scalloped detail in the main market, but I found this beauty in the garden shop. It’s very rough, but I love the imperfection of it. I’ve seen a few bowls similar to this around blog land and have admired them. This one is still looking for the perfect spot, mostly because it looks good everywhere. We enjoyed our time in Waco (on the way to watch my college boy play ball, which was also loads of fun)! I even got some Common Grounds coffee from a pop-up shop on the property. Oh, did I forget to mention that there are food trucks?? Um, ya, you could literally spend the whole day here! Ha!
Magnolia Market at The Silos
Have you been to Magnolia at the silos?? What was your favorite thing?


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