Backyard Spruce-Up

    I had big plans this spring to get our backyard landscape looking better. But, God had other plans. We got hit with tons and tons (or what felt like tons and tons) of rain in the months of May and June. If you follow along with stories on Instagram, you might remember that I started the project way back when, before all the rain, and then much of what we had done had to be re-done because of all the rain. Ugh! Anywho! It’s finished (well 99% finished)!
    Backyard Spruce-Up
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    Curb Appeal Stalking

    So I mentioned about a month ago, randomly, that I was a little tired of the front of our house. We are probably at least a year away from really making any changes, but I love planning and scheming. I am not really good at landscaping. I know the look I want, but I have no idea where to begin to get there so hubby and I had some extra time one day so we went curb appeal stalking. Just a reminder of what we are working with first.

    Front of our home

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    Outdoor Update

    As I was walking around watering flowers and trees this morning, I realized that I had never updated you on my “landscaping” progress.

    I showed you the before pics here so today I’ll show you some pretty after pics, and some of where we are now. 

    I’m trying my hand at plants in pots again this year – I have never had much success with that cuz I am lazy – that’s all.  

    Here is the front flower bed today.  We were blessed with a lot of rain while I was on my trip to New York.

    The other thing that happened while I was in New York was not so happy.  I was joyfully anticipating the pots on my back porch to be overflowing with beautiful color, just like the one in the front but instead I found this.

    Yes, all four planters looked just like this…the culprit…our puppy…

    he decided they looked like a good snack.  Ugh!!  I guess I will try again next year!!

    Oh well, moving on.  I also transplanted a climbing rose bush which completely overtook a flower bed that is in front of our master bedroom window.  This is what it looked like in full glory before I moved it – see a little unruly, and crowding out the other regular rose bushes in that bed (please ignore all the grass growing in there).

    Here it is after I chopped pruned it down to size and moved it to a sad little flower bed on the side of our house around the corner from the front of our house.  You can see this one from the street and gets good morning sun.  I also planted some daylillys in this bed.  I have wanted some of these for a long time.  
    Next, if you follow me on instagram, you know we scored some really good sized burch trees @$50 each!!  Here’s a little fun collage of them going in.  {my hard-working man decided to strike a pose, while I sipped on my sweet tea in the shade ;)}
    And the after.
    and my hard-workin man after πŸ˜‰ – oh and our puppy

    My hubby was awesome and knocked out another yard project that was pretty high on his list while I was in New York.  I’m saving that for another post though since this one is already pretty long :).  Tune in tomorrow for that one – it involves, mud and rocks.


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