Simple and Budget Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? We are about three presents away from being done. Yay! I know, down to the wire, but that’s pretty normal for us. HAHA! Every year I think I’m going to do better and get everything done sooner, but alas, it has yet to happen. Oh well! So, next up is wrapping all the presents. I actually really love wrapping presents! I love being creative and making each package look pretty and unique. I’m sharing some ways you can do that without breaking the bank.
I decided to make a trip into Dollar Tree to see what I could find to fancy up our packages. And, I found a lot! Target’s Dollar Spot also has some cute stuff and I got a couple of things there as well. Here’s what I started with.
I bought a roll of brown craft paper at the Dollar Tree as well. You can find it in the mail area with the boxes and envelopes. One roll wrapped all ten of these packages! I love patterned Christmas paper, and that’s what I will use for my actual family gifts, but the embellishments popped better with this craft paper.
For ribbon I gathered together several things that I had at home. Yarn, and tulle ribbon, as well as some burlap ribbon, and baker’s twine that I found at Dollar Tree.
One of my favorite “ribbons” for wrapping packages that I’ve been using for several years is tulle ribbon. We travel for Christmas and all other kinds of ribbon or bows gets messed up when the gifts get packed up to take to Grandma’s. But, the tulle ribbon looks just as good as it did when I first wrapped it! And, it’s inexpensive. Here are some ideas for how to use it, but honestly the possibilities are endless.
I created the ‘poof’ on the top left by tying a bow and then cutting the loops of the bow. This is lovely by itself, but if you’d like you can add a couple of flat ornaments like these snowflakes, or a cute little mini stocking. The mini stocking is cute all by itself but it also makes a great gift card holder!
Another idea is to personalize the gift.
I did this by using a letter ornament (from the Target Dollar Spot), making a letter using silver pipe cleaners, or by using a small frame (from the Dollar Tree). I used a piece of black construction paper, wrote a message on it, and inserted into the frame. Then I taped the frame to the top of the package. I also tied the ribbon around the frame stand on the back just to make sure it was secure, and again – bonus present! Easy peasy!
Lastly, yarn and string makes a great alternative to ribbon.
This is definitely brown paper packages tied up with string and I love it!! Candy canes make a great embellishment on any gift, and bonus…they can eat the candy cane! Little drum ornaments, and bells look great tied on the package. The sparkly snowflakes are foam (from the Dollar Tree craft section) that are simply taped to the top of the box, and then I tied some fluffy yarn around the box! Done, and so cute!
I hope these ideas were helpful and inspire you to give your gifts a little extra something special! Check out your Dollar Tree and see what you can find!

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