Planting Succulents

Last week I shared with you these cute crates that I placed in our kitchen window and filled with succulents. Today I am sharing with you just how easy these little lovelies are to plant.

mason jar succulant garden

There are a thousand and one tutorials out there on how to plant succulents, but just in case you haven’t seen one of those, here’s how I did it.

First and foremost, succulents thrive in well-drained soil. Which means – not too compact and somewhere for the excess water to go.


I found these at our local home depot for a decent-enough price. I considered leaving them in the pots they came in (as I often do with plants 🙄 ), but they were too tall and did not look cute in my crates. So, I looked around for something that would be cute. Mason jars are always cute, right?


Small rocks are a great way to give soil somewhere to drain when your pot/container doesn’t have a natural drain hole. I got these pebbles at dollar tree. (high five for a bargain 😀 )

Place a small handful of pebbles in the bottom of the jar.


Followed by a small handful of loose dry soil.


Then add your succulent.


And, voila!

mason jar succulent planter

Such a quick and easy way to add a little life to your home! I am loving the new view at my kitchen window! Now I just hope they are as easy to keep alive as they were to plant!!

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