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Well hello there! Hope all is well with you! I have decided to take some time and make some updates and additions to the blog over the summer. One thing that I will be adding is a Home Tour page!

I have touched and updated almost every room in our home over the past couple of years, and I’m going to take the time to photograph and post each one. 

Since many of you are new to the blog, I have decided to post each room as I add it. Many of these rooms were updated over time and some were not really ‘revealed’. I am starting today with our Kitchen and Dining area. Get ready for picture overload!!

The first project was painting the cabinets. They were a lovely orangey oak color that really sucked the light right out of the room. The kitchen felt like a cave, and it was not a place I enjoyed being in. {For before pics, check out this post.} Next up was painting the walls, a nice change from the mustard yellow that had been on the walls for 10 years!

{yes, I know there are two microwaves – the one over the stove needs to go, not working, don’t care for the location like I thought I would, blah, blah, blah – working on it :)} 

After all that painting, we moved on to finding a solution for the back-splash. Removing the previous laminate was not an option, so I decided to cover it. After lots of debating over possible coverings, we landed on beadboard. Love, love, love this solution so much!

The dining area also got a light and bright paint job.


The chalk-board door and wall have been a fun addition!

The reclaimed wood projects – the island and the ceiling area – really brought some warmth and interest to the space. 


The dining area also got a new chandelier (which I have since updated with some jute), a fun family gallery wall, and custom window treatments.

I LOVE this space so much now, it’s a treat to walk in here every morning!!

Most of the posts for each project are linked in the text above. Here are a couple of others that didn’t make it in.

 photo Blessingssignature_zps514a1303.png

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