Hand Lettered Rustic JOY Sign

Hey there friends!! I’ve been wanting one on these rustic signs for our front porch for a while. In fact, it’s been on my to-do list for quite a few years, but I have never gotten around to it. Until this year!! I’m so excited to add this to our outdoor decorations! It’s not perfect, which is exactly what I wanted!
I started with a piece of a fence panel. We have had one that we recycled from a friend, and I just had hubby cut it down.
Since I knew it was going outside, I didn’t really worry about cleaning or sanding the wood. I just white-washed the front with some white milk paint I had on hand.
You wouldn’t have to use milk paint. You could use latex or acrylic. Whatever you might have on hand would work fine. Oh, and in case you don’t know, white-washing just means brushing on a light coat of paint – purposely leaving wood showing.
After this I contemplated how to do the letters. I thought about tracing the letters, using a stencil, or just hand-drawing it. I decided on the latter since I wanted it to look handmade and rustic.
I measured the size of the letters and the distance between the letters and made some light marks on the board to help guide my letters. I practiced on some paper, and then just dove in.
Then, I filled in with a paint brush and some red acrylic paint. Easy peasy and so cute!
I’ll admit, my perfectionist side stared at this sign every time I walked by it for days. No the letters aren’t perfect, they aren’t exactly the same size, and they aren’t perfectly spaced and it kind of bothers me. But, then I remind myself that this is the look I wanted. I like it and it will look great outside with the rest of the decorations. More often than not my creative side has to shut up my perfectionist side. HA!! Hope you enjoy and are inspired!
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