Frazzled Friday Handling Change

Ugh! Hey there! I did it again! I went a week and a half without blogging and I so didn’t intend to! Sometimes life happens friends, and when you work for yourself, you just let it happen. Today, on this edition of Frazzled Friday we are going to be talking about handling change.

How Are You at Handling Change?

To be honest, I stink at handling change. I don’t like it, and it seems to take forever for me to get adjusted. So, this is where life happened. I went back to work. Only part time (two days a week) back to my old job of teaching kiddos at our church’s Mother’s Day Out. This time, with two year olds. I love it, I love them. But, man, I’m a lot older than I used to be and way out of shape from sitting at home for years.Β  πŸ˜† I’ve been tired and sore all week!!Β  😳 This just affirms that I need to get into a regular workout routine. Which, I’ve known for a while, but again…change.
I’m telling you I don’t do change. To the extent that I can be stuck in a rut forever because I won’t do the thing that will get me out, because that’s not what I’ve always done. You’ve heard the definition of insanity right? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Yep, that explains A LOT.
But, I’m trying friends. Taking this job for starters. Getting back to eating healthy. And, maybe I’ll even find time for regular exercise, who knows! I know I’m not alone in this. I know there are some of you that struggle with change. Let me see you hands!! Raise ’em up high now! And feel encouraged today…because if I can do it, so can you!
Next part of handling this change means me getting back on some sort of routine. Staying home all the time made me feel like I had all the time in the world to get things done (which was untrue by the way). But, being away from home, even if just for two days, makes me feel like I have no time for anything (also untrue)!!
I talked a little bit about it in my Insta Stories yesterday – I’m going to start making lists again, and start using my planner again. I have so many plans, projects, ideas, to-dos floating around in my brain. So many that I tend to get overwhelmed, or I forget something. So, when I have a minute or two on my days home I end up turning on the television, or scrolling mindlessly on my phone, getting nothing done. Anyone??

List making

Lists will help me and maybe they will help you! I plan to keep one master list of projects and to-dos, and then create a to-do list for each day.
Are you a list maker?? It is helpful on so many levels for me! Sometimes it’s just nice to do what I call a ‘brain dump’. Which allows me to get all those things swirling around in my brain out and on a sheet of paper. Then I can think more clearly and move on with my life! LOL!
It seems that things are always changing one way or the other. And I’m learning that it’s ok. Change is….good. πŸ™‚ Baby steps y’all, baby steps.
Have a blessed weekend!!

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