Creative Christmas Packaging With Re-purposed Tins

{That’s a tongue-twister title huh?} I spent a couple of days this week making candies and cookies to share with our family at Christmas.  I told my hubby that I have been doing this for so many years, I think if I ever took a year off people might riot.  🙂 When the kiddos were little we would make and decorate sugar cookies, but over the past few years I have branched out and tried some new things.  The contents are never exactly the same, and every year I try at least one new recipe.  It’s fun to keep my grandma’s recipes alive and to mix them with the new ones.  But, really today’s post is more about the packaging then the recipes.  I am a container collector.  When I get containers, I have a hard time getting rid of them – I just know I might use them at some point.  

So, I started out with these from my collection along with some spray paint (also from my collection).  

And ended up with these!!

For packing purposes I started by lining the bottoms of the tins with waxed paper.  It’s fairly easy to manipulate and nothing will stick to it.  

Then, I went searching around my kitchen for something I could use in between the layers of goodies, and to separate goodies.  And I found these.

Coffee filters and paper cupcake liners.  Again, easy to manipulate and perfect for separating and dividing, and the best part is – no cutting.  (I have used tissue paper in the past, but then you have to got through the trouble of cutting it down to size.)

Here is a peak at the variety of goodies going in the tins this year.

And here is what it looks like all packed up.

And yes, you guessed it I painted the lids with chalkboard paint.  This is a great way to easily label the containers!!  I used a chalk marker to write the names on the top.  If you haven’t seen these, they are fabulous. I use them on all my chalkboard labels, because they are a lot harder to wipe off.  

To finish off the packaging, I simply tied a bow around each tin with some red tulle ribbon.  Another favorite of mine – tulle ribbon.  It looks so fluffy and pretty with very little effort, and if you are traveling with presents – these will stay put and will not squish!!

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