Change {Five Minute Friday}

For those who are new here – Five Minute Friday is a time for writers to truly write.  Each Friday a prompt is given and we are to write for five minutes and then hit publish.  No editing, no revising. This weeks prompt is change.

When I was scrolling through and I saw the prompt for FMF this week, I thought to myself ‘well of course’.  As I am writing this, I am sitting in a hotel room in Boston.  After a very long drive across the East side of the country, we are here.  Tomorrow morning we will drive my son to college and unload all of his stuff into his dorm room.  We will help him make his new home away from home as comfortable as possible.  We will attend lots of orientation activities, getting to know more about the university, and then we will say our goodbyes, and head back west home.  Leaving him here.  
I waiver through excitement and uncertainty.  But honestly, I am in unbelief.  How in the world can we do this??  How can I leave a part of our family, a part of myself here, and go home and do life with the rest of the family as if it’s normal. My mind and heart are fighting.  My mind knows this is happening and normal when change, but my heart is screaming “no”.  Change is hard my friends, always.  

Heart change is harder.  

He will be fine.  I will be fine.  We will be fine.  Life will go on.  Things, people will adjust.  Change happens one way or another.  

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  1. The only constant in life is change! I remember setting up my college room and tears welling up in my mom's eyes. Fast forward and I am out of college, married and mom to a 2-year old…..and in about 16 years…I will be the one with tears in my eyes as I help set up my son's dorm room. Somethings change and in other ways they stay the same. Fellow FMF-er

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