Neutral Winter Mantel

I don’t often decorate for winter. Typically our home goes into basic décor mode after Christmas and stays that way until fall. Ha! Great home décor blogger huh? This year I took down Christmas and my mantel sat blank for a week.
It was nice to let the house breath for a while. To feel the quiet in the space after all the noisy Christmas décor. (don’t get me wrong, I love it)
After Christmas sometimes the house sits undecorated for a time.
But then, the after-Christmas-winter blues started creeping in and something had to be done. The kids went back to school (for a day – that’s a whole ‘nother story), and I got inspired to dress up the mantel for winter.
I had big plans in my head, most of which included buying things, and then making things. However, on this morning, I found myself without a car. (we are one car short when all the college kids are home since Boston boy doesn’t have a car at college) So, I was forced to use what I had, or wait.
Patience is not my strong suit peeps. So, I accepted the challenge and started shopping the house. And, surprise! I found everything I needed! If you watch Instagram stories, you saw my adventure with Bar Keeper’s Friend and polishing up my thrift store brass finds from a few months back.
Thrifted brass candlesticks can shine again with just a little bit of elbow grease.
They all found a place on the mantel.
A neutral winter mantel.
I used an empty frame and my trusty burlap wreath to anchor things. I bookended everything with some turquoise vases filled with sticks and pine cones.
DIY pom poms add a little whimsy to a winter mantel.
And then I got a tiny bit crafty. MY FAVORTIE!! I found some white yarn and made some pom poms while watching TV (what I wanted since the kids were at school), and I used the arms of the thrift store sweater (leftover from my DIY pumpkins) to dress up a glass vase and a mason jar. I tied the pom poms onto a piece of twine for an instant ‘snowball’ garland, and there you have it – a winter mantel!
Uses sweater sleeves to cover vases adds some texture.
I am loving the neutral vibe with just a splash as color and shine.
A neutral winter mantel with a few pops of color and shine.
How about you?? Have you done any decorating since Christmas? Or maybe your house is having a quiet moment. Or MAYBE you haven’t taken down your Christmas décor yet?? 😳
Whatever your state, I say enjoy what you’ve got. Be thankful and JOYful!
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