March In Review {2017}

You know that expression “In like a lion, out like a lamb”? Well, I totally feel like Spring has come in like a lion! I’m hopeful, if we can survive, that it will go out like a lamb, but I’m not too optimistic (about the lamb part – we will survive…ha!). I honestly can’t believe that the month is almost over! We have been busy, busy, busy with all things family. Of course, those are my favorite things to be busy with, but man, I need a nap…or more coffee.
We started the month with a trip south to watch our oldest play some college baseball. Since he’s in school in Boston we don’t get to watch him live often, and take whatever opportunities that we can to do so when he’s closer.
We snuck in a trip to Magnolia (which I shared about here), and IKEA.
After recovering from that somewhat quick trip, we got the little boys ready and shipped them off in different directions on mission trips for their spring breaks. (thanks to friends for pictures while on their trips 😉 )
Since the big kids were still at college, that meant hubby and I had a whole week together alone. It was wonderful and weird all at the same time. When the week was over I looked at hubby and said “can you believe we didn’t go out on one date the whole time?” Ha! We enjoyed sitting on the couch, watching whatever we wanted on TV, taking walks, having steak at home (and pie), and going to bed early. Do we sound old or what???
This last week my girlie was home for her spring break. This meant lots of girl time having lunch, shopping, and hanging out. Man I miss having a girl in the house sometimes. Oh and my middle boy got his driver’s permit. Ugh.
We are learning what track meets are all about. Fun times. Long days and nights. Packing the car with ALL THE THINGS. Sitting until you can’t feel your bum anymore. Cheering on your kiddo while they do their thing – priceless! 😉
So, it’s the end of March and this week I am trying to dig out from under all the piles of dirty dishes, dirty laundry, and a forever long to-do list. (if you don’t hear from me for a while…send help) It’s almost April and the calendar doesn’t look much less crowded. Soccer, track, music contests…tell me we’re not alone. Here’s to April! Let’s rock it friends! Here are some other posts from this month, just in case you missed them.
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