My Top 5 Uses For Vinegar

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! It has been oh so hot here the past few days, but we thoroughly enjoyed our time with family and friends! Yesterday I took some time to rest and recover the house. I don’t know about you, but we are having fun, the last thing I worry about is cleaning up! HA!

About 3 years ago I got tired of spending mega bucks on cleaning supplies and started researching alternatives. Of course with the help of Pinterest I found a ton! I have been making my own laundry soap ever since which I love and a few other homemade cleaners that I swear by.

One of my favorite all-natural cleaning weapons is vinegar. It really has so many uses but today I would like to highlight my 5 favorite.

My Top 5 Uses For Vinegar


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Weekend Recap & Ramblings

Hello there! I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend! As I shared before, hubby and I celebrated 22 years this weekend. It was a great weekend! We opted to stay home and chill rather than getting out of town. Since our younger three left for a church trip on Saturday we really only had to deal with the 20year old, and he’s hardly home anyway! Saturday we spent some time exploring a flea market, eating yummy bbq for lunch, napping (which I never do, but apparently really needed), followed by some yummy Mexican food on the lake, and watching the sunset. And we got to witness a cute proposal – bonus!


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Taking a Moment

It’s day 24, and today I need to take a moment. The biggest lesson I have learned in work-with-what-you’ve-got-design is sometimes you just need to take a moment.  You have to live with something for a while.  Sometimes you need to live with it in an unfinished state, and often in an in-between state.  Why?  

I find it helps to let things marinate for a while. Am I sure that this is the direction I want to go? Do I really like this as much as I thought I would?  What are my options next? What would be the best way to complete this project??

The moment might last for a few hours, it might last for a day, it might last for a week or two. But, eventually you will feel comfortable enough with your decision or plan to move forward. Projects tend to finish out more smoothly when I take a moment in the middle somewhere.  

When working with what you have, and working to make things function best for your family, you often need to take a moment and evaluate.  Is this system working, what would work better? Do I like this furniture arrangement, is this the best way to organize this space? This ‘moment’ also allows some time for input from others. 🙂

Even when you think you are pretty clear on what the plan is or what direction you want to go, try taking a moment and live with it for a while, see how it works for you.  😉

For example, I finally got the lights from Ikea for my kitchen (thanks to my sweet friend Angela), I ripped out the frame and panels last weekend and have been living with this all week. (and no that’s not dirt – it’s over spray from the stain they used on the frame we took down – lovely right?)  

I have a plan in my head, but the plan has a couple of options, so I am living with it while it marinates and I decided what will work best.  I certainly don’t want to jump in, hate it and have to re-do it!!  Maybe this weekend my moment will be over and I’ll get something done!!  Ha!!

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Cleaning Supplies Ready

Stopping by today to share with you my cleaning supplies all organized and cute and ready to go for our Spring Cleaning adventure.  I really want to involve the kiddos in this adventure, and I wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to pitch in.  I stopped in our local Dollar Tree the other day and picked up some supplies.
Dollar tree cleaning supplies
I got some plastic container with a nifty handle, spray bottles to hold my home made cleaners, and some microfiber cloths.  I got some that have a scrubby backing and some that did not – spent $11 plus tax.  Not bad :).
From there I whipped up a few batches of my go-to cleaners that I shared here (with recipes), and started assembling my buckets.  I decided to assemble a couple based on task, and a couple based on rooms.  
Cleaning supplies organized
The labels are basic plain white labels that I already had, and I just used a gold paint pen to write the appropriate label on each one.
cleaning supplies stored by room
For the bath I included a batch of All-Purpose Cleaner, some baking soda (excellent for scrubbing) – stored in an old Parmesan container, a scrub brush, a smooth cloth, and a scrubby cloth.  This will clean everything in the bathroom aside from the toilet – those supplies are kept in each bathroom, and the floor.  
cleaning supplies stored by room
For the kitchen, a spray bottle of Grease Cleaner, a scrubby cloth, bleach cleaner (for when necessary), and I also included the wood polish and polishing sponge that I use on my dining room table periodically.
glass cleaner and supplies stored together
The glass cleaning tub is pretty straight forward. Probably not necessary, but I do like the idea of having the cloths with the cleaner – grab and go. Glass Cleaner and microfiber cloths is all you need for this one.
dusting cleaning supplies stored together
For dusting I have not found a home made polishing cleaner that I like.  Mostly because all that I have found include olive oil, which starts to smell after a time of sitting in the bottle for some reason.  I don’t polish every time I dust, so for now I’m just using a generic polish, with the microfiber cloth, which does the job.  I have also included my swiffer extender duster and my fun microfiber fuzzy mit.
Inexpensive under kitchen sink organization
All the buckets fit nicely under my sink.  I really hate under the kitchen sink – so much wasted space and it is always a challenge for me to keep this space organized.  The containers on the doors help a little.
Kitchen and home necessities stored at hand
On the right side is my bag-keeper that I have had for years.  Back in the day I used to sell Tupperware, and this is one of the many things I own from them.  I love it for holding all my plastic shopping bags which we use as trash bags in all our small trash cans.  On the left side I have attached a couple of plastic bins to the doors with screws to hold scrubbers and drain plugs.  It’s nice for them to have a place, as before they would just be thrown below all willy-nilly.  
Next step in the Spring Cleaning adventure is to make a plan for how to include the kiddos.  I’ll be back soon to share with you what we come up with. 

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